Chapter 846 - The Real Z Will Teach You to Behave

Chapter 846: The Real Z Will Teach You to Behave

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Time trickled by slowly.

Fatty was still grabbing his hair.

He was really worried the entire network would collapse.

The girl in the Internet café already had a taste of a small victory, her gaze deepening.

How was that person going to resolve such a huge gift?

She raised her right hand, prepared to press the spacebar for the finishing blow, but the next second, her eyes widened as though something had just happened.

Her fingers started to fly across the keyboard.

“Where? How can that be? That guy was here a second ago.”

The things she resolved wasn’t useful.

This wasn’t possible.

How was it possible?!

The other shocked gaze came from Fatty, who had been watching the entire battle.

He couldn’t believe his eyes.

One of the red dots, which had been triggered by the firewall, suddenly disappeared!

It wasn’t because of the attack, but just disappeared by itself?

They had just escaped?

What!? No!

Regardless of how good a hacker’s skills were, it wasn’t possible to escape without a trace; it simply depended on whether the traces could be detected.

But this wasn’t the case.

If it wasn’t because of the timing, Fatty couldn’t figure out how it was done.

He glanced at the screen, licking his lips anxiously.

The attacker was searching for her as well.

Even though she was nearby, she wasn’t in sight, seemingly prepared for an ambush.

Wait a minute. Fatty paused. Why did this seem so familiar? Where had he seen it before?

Fatty tapped his head in frustration.

On the third floor, the youngster sat in front of the computer, her agile fingers running across the keyboard, the endlessly changing screen reflecting off her face. With the headband fastened on her head, she looked slightly devilish, like a young master from the mafia. Her defined face and sharp chin were extremely prominent.


The rhythmic tapping sounded as though she was preparing for war.

Chatter began from the people around the youngster.

Someone asked, “What’s happening? Is there going to be a power failure?”

Some of those who were testing out the equipment stopped moving, including the little children wearing VR headsets.

There was chatter coming from every direction.

Some made decisions to protect the majority, but they would still complain about the matter being troublesome.

But if you constantly thought about those who weren’t worth it, those that were would be missed out.

Such matters were clear to Bo Jiu.

This wasn’t an environment suited for hunting since it would disrupt her thoughts.

But she didn’t stop, regardless of what they were saying.

Their understanding, their fake understanding, which was coupled with a denial and their complaints.

Those living in peace might not be aware of who had taken risks to provide such peace.

Bo Jiu and the Almighty weren’t the same, they treated people according to who they were.

However, some things had to be done by maintaining the status quo to not harm the innocent and to protect the lives of people.

That was the hackers’ belief.

If the other party couldn’t understand that, she wasn’t fit to be a hacker, much less to say a hacker that impersonated her.

Bo Jiu moved her fingers as she spoke, “Let the real Z teach you how to behave.”