Chapter 847 - Dashing Z

Chapter 847: Dashing Z

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The tapping on the keyboard started to speed up.

It was a completely different speed, her fingers were moving so quickly that they seemed to be only an illusion.

If the previous tapping was considered a leisurely joyful pace, the current one was the climax of a piano piece.

The fluid typing continued.

Fatty watched as the red dot reappeared. Just like an eagle in the sky, it went straight for the other red dot’s core!

Meanwhile in the Internet café, the girl’s expression changed to a truly distorted mess as she smashed her fingers onto the keyboard, trying to dodge the fatal blow.

However, it was useless, the virus went straight for her core.

All her escape routes were blocked, there was no way out!

How was that possible?

There hadn’t been any defence when she had entered!

It was such a short span that she wasn’t even possible to escape that firewall.

The girl bit down on her lips, a never before seen darkness clouding her gaze.

Unless… The firewall had been planted before she infiltrated.

It was just hidden, just like the red dot just now.

She had resolved an address, assuming it was real, but actually, it had been just the first trap?

The girl widened her eyes in shock as she processed the situation. She forsake one network just to escape, but she couldn’t leave.

All the previous weakness was just a disguise.

But why did her opponent do that? Was it to catch her?

As a bystander, Fatty hadn’t known before why the red dot became a master only at such a moment, but now, he finally understood.

This person wasn’t weak and he wasn’t losing to the other red dot.

If there wasn’t a firewall planted, any form of attack would destroy the plaza’s network.

That red dot seemed as though it was trying to defend against the attack, but in reality, that wasn’t all it was doing.

More importantly, she had unknowingly planted a firewall ━ a firewall to protect the network of the entire plaza network.

Most probably, those who hadn’t attacked a network wouldn’t be aware of this.

If there had to be an analogy, it was similar to a war.

That person didn’t avoid any of the attacks and had even crippled himself.

The figure that appeared in the network wielded a long sword, the huge plaza behind him. With a spell, a protective barrier covered the plaza as a protection.

He stood in front of the plaza, looking very much like a warlord as he raised his sword. He appeared so sharp, it was difficult to imagine him losing to anyone.

Fatty was in utter shock.

Everyone knew his plight because in the past, computers had been all he had known about.

He didn’t have a good education background or a suave appearance and would spend his days gaming, doing chores, or fixing computers.

If Young Master hadn’t discovered him, that would probably have been the rest of his life.

He could still remember that Young Master had still been in high school and had a cold demeanor, but he told him, “I have never been a hacker, but I don’t think that’s the worth of a hacker. Regardless of your job, a true victor would never harm his surroundings. A real hacker would use his attacking power to defend and maintain order in the world. I hope you will be able to do that in the future.”

Fatty had his words instilled into his memory.

But when he saw his words in action, he was struck speechless.

To stand in the darkness in order to protect…

Fatty decided to report the matter to his young master. He had to say it, but his thoughts were jumbled up. “Young Master, the red dot that mocked me isn’t bad, he’s amazing. He didn’t just create an entirely new firewall to protect the plaza’s network, he had even located the invader. Do you think I should seek him out for a match? He can even hide himself, that’s incredibly cool!”

Qin Mo listened to Fatty’s description calmly, signaling the workers around him on the third floor. His gaze was deeper than usual.

In the deepest corner of the electronics store, Bo Jiu was looking unusually suave, especially with her lips curved up as her fingers flew across the keyboard.

The girl in the Internet café was a stark contrast to that as her entire expression had changed with each wave of attacks.

The chat boxes were no longer under her control and the computers were starting to crumble under the attack.

There would definitely be a sound of static if the network was affected, the sort that went straight for the motherboard, which was the heart of the computer.

Once the motherboard was destroyed, the computer would no longer be useful.

Once a professional virus had been planted and the computer’s speed could no longer catch up, the motherboard would burn.


The girl smashed her mouse onto the table!

The loud noise attracted the people around her.

The various gamers looked over questioningly. When they realized it was a girl that had caused that loud noise, they exchanged glances.

“What’s the situation?”

“I don’t know.”

“Why did her computer black out?”

“How would I know?”

“You pigheads, don’t you smell something burning?”

“Of course, I must be hungry. I’m craving for black pepper beef today, which is probably the reason I can smell that delicious burning smell. Let’s order takeout later while we watch Hero.”

“F*ck you, that burning smell is coming from the motherboard, the computer’s motherboard is burnt!”

That scream brought everyone’s attention to the girl.

Her eyes were deep with malice, but her hair shield them from sight, preventing others from catching her expression.

She seemed dark and sweet at the same time.

A contradiction indeed.

The boss of the Internet café was alerted, heading over towards her.

The girl started to move because it was best to leave immediately.

Even though the motherboard was destroyed, at least her location hadn’t been exposed.

But was it exposed?

The minute she stood up, she heard exclaims from all people in the Internet café. “What’s happening?! Where’s my game, what’s with this chat box?! The mouse isn’t moving anymore, but my team is still in the midst of a battle, we’re going for the first kill! F*ck!”

As such, the girl turned back sharply!