Chapter 848 - Wear It Back if You Like It

Chapter 848: Wear It Back if You Like It

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The computers on the row at which she was seated all had their screens frozen with three words floating onto the screen. “Is it fun?”

Her body trembled in shock!

Her fingers tightened!

Had she been found? How was this possible? Who exactly was it? Who exactly was the person at the other end?!

On the third floor of the plaza, Bo Jiu lifted her lips. “Hunting successful.” There wasn’t a need for explanations.

Fatty watched as the viruses were removed by the firewall one after another.

He felt his heart bursting with agitation, feeling the desire to join in for a match.

Hoshino was seated beside a floor-to-ceiling window with his brows furrowed as he kept calling the same number. Finally, the call went through.

He didn’t waste a single second, his gentle voice carrying his usual stability. “Someone is heading to the third floor, there are people at both ends of the goods and there seems to be something wrong at the air vent.”

Bo Jiu raised a brow with the phone in her hand. Just as she was about to stand up, she spotted the special forces soldier in the distance. “You can go, I’ll come up with something.”

Hoshino lifted his lids. His voice was clear as he spoke, “Z, we can’t be sure that Qin Mo suspects you just because your Young Master Fu identity seems suspicious. It isn’t easy for someone to think of a resurrection so why are you leaving now when the mission isn’t even completed? Don’t you like gaming?”

Bo Jiu paused and before she could speak, Hoshino continued. “It won’t be worth giving up something you want because of other reasons, regardless of what happens. Even if you aren’t able to control it. However, as an international MVP professional player, I would like to tell you that Supreme Alliance won’t be Xiangnan’s match without you in their team.”

Bo Jiu paused again.

Hoshino glanced at the bright lights outside the window. “We can go back after the National League. In the end, you wouldn’t be willing if you miss the match.”

“Even if I want to right now.” Bo Jiu watched as the floor was being searched. “There probably wouldn’t be a chance anymore.”

Her melancholic voice managed to place a smile on Hoshino’s face.”There’s a Supreme Alliance uniform under your seat…”

Bo Jiu widened her gaze in shock.

“Put it on if you like it.” Hoshino flicked his cigarette box open. “You have always been smarter than I am, you should know how to free yourself from this situation. I believe you already have an idea.”

Bo Jiu smiled. “I’ll shift the IP address. You can go, but leave the laptop, I’ll clear the virus and send it over to you. Once it’s over, the system will self destruct. Fatty has been waiting for a while, it’s about time to let him in on the location.”

“Alright.” Hoshino stood up. With his knitted sweater, he looked both clean and radiant, especially when he was standing holding his coffee cup. His visuals prompted many ladies to turn their heads.

At that moment, no one could see his eyes as his dark hair fell across them, but his lips were upturned.

There was such a person.

The reason behind her special presence wasn’t just because of adoration.

Unknowingly, he just wanted a match with Z even if they weren’t on the same team.

This didn’t matter.

That were his thoughts after Supreme Alliance’s battle.

If there was really someone who shouldn’t be let down, it would be the person who bore the responsibilities that ordinary beings couldn’t and she should be given time to do something she really wanted.