Chapter 849 - Let the Almighty Find Her

Chapter 849: Let the Almighty Find Her

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The search on the third floor continued with a person stationed at every exit.

When Almighty Qin arrived, he tore the scar off his face, returning his face back to his former glory.

The crime squad members didn’t look at him, but they could feel the hostile air that was radiating from him regardless.

A criminal psychologist wasn’t someone they could understand, especially since some of them weren’t the same batch as Qin Mo.

They couldn’t understand how this corporate whizz, Young Master Qin, had ended up becoming a criminal psychologist and was even given control over their operations through Director Huang.

Initially, some of them didn’t think he was up for it because they were officers who had been through tough times and countless cases, but this person was born into prestige. So was he actually able to solve cases?

They admitted that was just their first impression of him.

However, they had realized that all the suspects had been narrowed down through the information gathered through his profiling.

That wasn’t even all as they had never met today’s situation.

The moment the suspect moved, he was caught along with evidence.

He seemed to have predicted everything and was indeed godlike.

In the past, they had never encountered a criminal psychologist since there weren’t many of them.

They couldn’t understand his actions.

He didn’t look like he was going to arrest a criminal and seemed more like he was going for a stroll with his left hand stuffed into his pockets and his deep gaze scanning the area. It wasn’t hard for him to attract attention.

Just as he was about to step into the experiential store, his earpiece rang. It was Fatty, who exclaimed excitedly, “Boss, we’re safe! That person didn’t just secure the plaza’s network, they seemed to have also hacked into the enemy’s computer. Just a while ago, while they weren’t paying attention, I managed to track down the IP address, the person is in a café on the second floor, they were probably removing the leftover virus.”

“Second floor?” Qin Mo raised a brow.

Fatty was still agitated. “Mmh, mmh!”

“Fatty.” Qin Mo pressed the earpiece, his dark hair falling downwards as he spoke emotionlessly, “Whose skills do you think is better, you or the other party?”

Fatty remained humble, “I haven’t reached that master’s stage yet.”

“So there’s only one possibility for you to have gotten their IP address, it was deliberate.” Qin Mo turned, his gaze blank. “People on the third floor, remain there and arrange for a group to go to the café on the second floor.”

Fatty was slightly depressed because if the master had done it deliberately, it had been such a sly move.

He was being used to pass the information so that Young Master would be deterred.

That was simply despicable!

As proven, Fatty wasn’t meticulous enough.

Bo Jiu had never expected such a simple trick to divert the Almighty’s attention.

After exchanging hands with the Almighty previously, she knew that such a move wouldn’t have an effect on him, but she did it regardless to buy some time.

She knew that there was someone guarding every exit of the third floor.

Even if she disguised herself again, it still wasn’t going to be easy to get out.

Besides, her current position, the electronics store wasn’t exactly an inconspicuous location.

As this was the case, she would just let the Almighty find her…