Chapter 850 - Huge Age Gap

Chapter 850: Huge Age Gap

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Right beside Bo Jiu, the staff who was still holding onto his mouse craned his neck to look outside, wondering what the situation was. After announcing an energy saving activity, a group of people were sent up.

It felt as though something was up because they had even asked for a record of those in the store.

The staff was about to head into the store since the Supreme Alliance fan had been inside for a while and should have his information recorded.

But the moment he turned inwards, he was shocked!

He eyed the youngster’s uniform and a thousand sheep were running across his mind.

Wasn’t this adoration a little overboard?

He worshipped them so much he had even prepared their uniform?

More importantly, that wasn’t his initial outfit! When did he change?!

The staff was at a loss for words.

That guy met his eye, asking, “What do you think about my outfit?”

The staff inhaled deeply. “The cosplay isn’t bad.”

It wasn’t easy to sell computers nowadays with the sort of customers he encountered.

There was also another boy about six years old, who insisted on connecting to the big screen while playing Hero on his phone.

Since he seemed to be wealthy, his parents were picking a screen for him.

The little boy’s character had died countless times after he arrived.

Hadn’t he considered how his teammates must feel?

And he still wanted a big screen to connect to his game…

The staff felt his head throb.

Bo Jiu lifted her lips, pulling her chair towards the little boy. “Hero?”

The little boy was dressed in trendy clothes and he responded haughtily, “Mmh.”

The little boy played seriously without even turning his head, his brows knitted as he watched his character dash to its death without hesitation.

“This shouldn’t be how an assassin plays right?” Bo Jiu placed her face in her palms, completely unlike someone engaging in a network battle a minute ago.

With such an attitude, it would be easier to reduce the Almighty’s suspicion since it wouldn’t be long before he arrived.

Bo Jiu’s eyes started to dim.

The little boy remained focused on the game. “You don’t understand, an assassin has to dash forward, that’s how my Big Spade plays. How else would he be able to finish off the enemy in such a suave manner?”

Bo Jiu : … Well, there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with his words.

“So you’re playing the assassin because Big Spade uses it?” Bo Jiu pointed to the little boy’s screen.

He replied seriously, “I have to learn from my idol!”

The staff: … He would never be able to understand the fandom world. They were able to have a conversation even with such a huge age gap?

“Alright, but I think you should go invisible and head for the back row.” Bo Jiu added, “Don’t go in when there is a crowd, they have two tanks so you won’t be their match. Do you see the bushes to your left? You can hide in the bushes and wait for the enemies with low HP to head over to use your second skill. After finishing them off, run from the bushes immediately.”

The little boy remained serious. “Teach me how to kill this sorcerer, she keeps hovering around me and it’s making me giddy.”


Bo Jiu and the staff glanced over to the ID the little boy was referring to before they both stilled.

Kid, there isn’t a sorcerer in the enemy’s team, which means the only sorcerer in the game belongs to your team!