Chapter 851 - Wait for the Almighty

Chapter 851: Wait for the Almighty

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The staff couldn’t help covering his face. He finally understood why he would always lose during the teamfights he played on the weekend.

How could he win with such teammates?

Bo Jiu didn’t have much faith in this Little Spade fan, but she couldn’t just watch a fan of hers walk to his death.

Besides, this was how she was going to wait for the Almighty.

She reached her hand out. “Why don’t you look while I play once?”

The little boy lifted his lids to sweep Bo Jiu’s outfit a glance. “Since we’re both fans of Supreme Alliance, I’ll allow you to play a match, but remember not to run towards the base of the tower.”

Bo Jiu: … It’s a miracle you actually know that.

The little boy wasn’t done. “Also, where did you get your cosplay outfit done? I’m going to get my parents to buy the same one, do they have a smaller size?”

The staff shrugged at Bo Jiu, trying to tell her even the kid was aware she was cosplaying and that she wasn’t suited for it.

They didn’t even have the same hair colour.

More importantly, Spade Z’s agility and maneuvering couldn’t be easily replicated.

But soon after, the staff realized that his maneuvering wasn’t bad.

Maneuvering was essential when using the assassin character.

Ever since the nouveau took over, she swiftly took over a blue beast. But that wasn’t all, while gliding through the middle lane, she finished off a whole line of troops.

The little boy started to panic, advising Bo Jiu seriously. “Team battle, you have to remember it’s a team battle.”

The staff wanted to bury himself. After such a bad start, the attack power would be worlds apart. So how was the team battle going to work out?

Besides, an assassin was required to go after the boss in order to advance and once they reached a certain stage, they would head upwards to go after enemies with low HP.

But wait a minute, why was he watching so seriously?

Even though his maneuvering was good, it wouldn’t be very useful because their team had been killed too many times, the gap was too wide.

Just a strike from the opposing team’s longe-range cannon would wipe off a huge chunk of his HP. How could he play such a match?!

More importantly, he had to sell his computers!

Unexpectedly, the moment he turned, an announcement pierced through the background music ━ Double-kill!

The staff stilled, turning back abruptly!


The cosplaying nouveau just managed a double kill?! How was that possible? His attack power wasn’t even adequate!

The staff took two steps forward, glancing over to find out how he did it, but when he saw the screen, all he saw was a pair of swift hands and the continuous switch of the map.

It was so intense even though he was just fighting in the wilderness.

More importantly, he wasn’t fighting in his own wilderness, but rather the opponent’s blue beasts.

This… was such an arrogant play!

He hid in the bushes fighting beasts!

The little boy couldn’t understand the perplexing play and was still caught up in the team battle. He stood at the side, commanding in an adorable manner, “Stop going forward, head to the bottom lane!”

“What are you going to do on the bottom lane?” She felt like something was missing and hence turned towards the little boy. “Hey kid, do you have a candy?”

The little boy glanced over, deciding to lay some rules. “Head to the bottom lane first.”

“Why are you so hard pressed on the bottom lane, what do they have there?” Bo Jiu mumbled as she moved down.

The little boy hadn’t realized how stunned the staff was because this hand speed was insane!

Besides, the little kid blushed as he muttered, “My classmate.” Was he shy?!