Chapter 852 - Almighty Qin, Z Is Found

Chapter 852: Almighty Qin, Z Is Found

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The staff glanced at the little kid’s expression, his lips twitching as he thought, Hehehe, it’s alright if you’re bad by yourself, but how can you bring a girl along to wreak havoc, that’s not how you chase girls! With two kids in a 5v5, f*ck, they were bound to lose!

The staff felt a pang of bitterness as he recalled the matches he could never win.

Bo Jiu shared his sentiments, with the both of them delivering their lives so easily, it made a huge dent in the team’s efficiency.

But the little boy continued to command at the side, “Stop being a coward and fight!”

Bo Jiu: …

“Tell them Lan Qiaoqiao is mine and that anyone who touches her will face my wrath!” the little boy threatened, looking rather formidable, when he saw his classmate on the verge of death.

Bo Jiu’s fingers slipped, almost exposing herself. This kid must have watched too many idol dramas. Face my wrath?! That was hilarious…

“Why aren’t you going?” The kid wasn’t very happy.

Bo Jiu glanced up lazily. “I don’t have energy to move without my candy.”

The little boy seemed as though he had made a tough decision as he walked towards his parents, pointing towards Bo Jiu. “Dad, Mom, this brother wants a candy. It isn’t for me, it’s for him.”

The little kid’s parents: …

Bo Jiu paused, this kid was out of control.

The little kid mumbled, “This is the first time I met an adult asking a kid for candy.”

The little boy’s parents were at a loss for words.

Right then, a graceful voice with a hint of deep hostility came from behind.

“This little brother has always been despicable, but I am to blame, I should have tied him up, knowing what a ruckus he can make.”

The voice wasn’t loud but because of it’s silkiness, it demanded attention through the chaos.

When the staff turned, he was stunned.

This-this! Almighty Qin!

He was so agitated he could barely speak.

What was up today?!

Why was Almighty Qin here?!

As the little boy was also a fan of Supreme Alliance, he widened his eyes in recognition, shock clearly imprinted on his small face.

No one could be sure when he arrived. He wore an opened black trench coat, showing the white shirt and tie underneath, his legs looking long and firm. His black hair was making it seem as though he was a character out of an anime. Simply blinding perfection with his eyes long and slightly tilted as he shone under the lights.

He was looking at them with an unrecognizable emotion within this gaze.

In that moment, everyone seemed to blend into the background.

Those who didn’t recognize Qin Mo were still staring, focusing on his every step because he was simply too stunning!

Just as the staff was about to speak, Qin Mo had already walked forward and in that moment, the dim lights seemed to have concentrated in his eyes, making it look like a rotating diamond, clean and radiant.

However, those who knew him would know he wasn’t in a good mood and that upturned lips only said one thing, and that was how he was going to deal with this smiling being.

Was he going to cut her claws or… bring her onto his bed, doing it so often she wouldn’t be able to move?!