Chapter 853 - What Do You Think?

Chapter 853: What Do You Think?

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Even though Bo Jiu didn’t know what the Almighty was thinking about, she could sense the air he was radiating.

How should she put it? It was chilling.

Without a doubt, it wasn’t going to be good.

Even though she had a backup, it didn’t seem useful in front of the Almighty.

But she had to stand her ground, she couldn’t just lose here since she was both dashing and the dominant.

Bo Jiu stood up, asking an obvious question with a hint of surprise in her voice. “Brother Mo, what are you doing here? Buying a computer?”

Qin Mo watched her. His gaze was deep and he was looking very much like a handsome detective interrogating a suspect in the police station. His outfit in particular made him look like a famous detective from the movies.

Bo Jiu seemed to have thought of something as she reached out to touch her headband, her smile wide and willful. “I just got a new hairstyle, Brother Mo, what do you think? Good?”

“When did you wear your uniform?” Qin Mo didn’t waste words, grabbing onto the collar of his shirt as he eyed her.

Those who weren’t aware probably thought they were going to break into a fight.

Only Bo Jiu could tell he was trying to see if she was wearing anything underneath.

Bo Jiu definitely wasn’t one to leave such traces. “Brother Mo, you must have found my jacket. With just the pants on, it really feels like something is lacking.”

Qin Mo raised his brows, retracting his gaze. The oppression radiating off him was bone chilling.

They exchanged glances head on without faltering.

One of them possessing the handsomeness of an aristocrat while the other was more of a defiant sort of handsomeness.

The crime squad was watching, sensing the pressure which was emitting from the scene.

The staff had his mouth open so wide, his fist could fit inside.

Qin Mo didn’t reply. Instead, he pressed his earpiece and spoke with a calm voice, “Fatty.”

“Yes, Young Master, I have been monitoring as you have instructed and the master hasn’t left, they should still be in the café on the second floor. The connection is still there and the virus is clearing quickly.”

Qin Mo frowned, turning to glance at the youngster, who was smiling radiantly.

Bo Jiu only had one thought. Fatty was a saviour, he definitely had to give more extra drinks during their team gathering.

No one dared to approach them, but the crime squad started to panic.

Mainly because they couldn’t understand why the master had suddenly stopped in the midst of his arrest.

The stale atmosphere went on for a few more seconds.

Qin Mo turned towards the little boy, asking leisurely, “Other than despicably asking for candy, what did this brother do?”

Bo Jiu: … She had really underestimated his deadly tongue.

The little boy was rather loyal. “He has been helping me play, but he didn’t listen to my commands and has been too stubborn.”

Bo Jiu glanced at the staff. Those who didn’t know probably thought Bo Jiu was the one killing the character.

Qin Mo followed her gaze over. When he saw the uniformed staff, his voice deepened further. “What was he doing before the game?”

The staff squirmed within his look. “Before the game, this Sir has been trying out our newest computer…”