Chapter 854 - Young Lady

Chapter 854: Young Lady

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Bo Jiu’s eyes dimmed, which the staff didn’t seem to realize.

“Which one?” Qin Mo asked slowly as though he was making small talk.

However, Bo Jiu was aware of the meaning of every question.

“Here.” The staff stepped aside for Almighty Qin to see the computer.

Qin Mo swept the person ahead a glance, taking strides forward to sit in front of the computer. When he swiped his fingers across the keyboard, a glow lit up and with a shake of the mouse, the screen appeared, showing Hero’s start page.

He paused slightly. With a bit of maneuvering and fast movements, he closed the screen and arrived at the computer’s D Drive.

Qin Mo wasn’t a hacker, but he wasn’t a tech idiot.

Any sort of network attacks would leave traces in the computer’s drive. However, he narrowed his eyes when he saw this computer’s D Drive because it was spotless.

Bo Jiu stood behind him, a mischievous smile on her face. “Brother Mo, do you find the computer good, too? The keyboard isn’t bad, want to get one?”

Qin Mo glanced at her, breaking into a smile as he pressed her head down. “Indeed, it isn’t bad.”

Bo Jiu raised a brow, faking a questioning expression.

There wasn’t a hint of warmth under his eyes so his comment definitely wasn’t a praise.

“Let’s go. Rather than asking a kid for candy, why don’t you think about how you’re going to talk to me later, young lady.” Qin Mo lowered his voice. His cold lips were near her and his words were ringing in her ears.

Bo Jiu paused, lifting her lids. F*ck! She had been so engrossed in getting out of the situation she had completely forgotten about that!

They were in an intimate position with Qin Mo seated and the youngster bent over, tilting his face while listening to him. The staff was thoroughly confused.

The crime squad didn’t know where to look.

Bo Jiu meanwhile remained gentlemanly, allowing the crowd to scrutinise them, but deep inside, she was thinking of ways to avoid that topic.

But… the Almighty was still suspicious.

“How long did he use this computer?” Qin Mo asked the staff.

The staff was thoroughly confused. He was kept updated on the latest esports news and was aware of how Almighty Qin and Spade Z were the hottest couple at the moment.

But now, with Almighty Qin so familiar with this cosplaying nouveau; was he perhaps… really from Supreme Alliance?!

The staff hadn’t processed the situation since he had been struck by Almighty Qin’s appearance.

But after he had calmed, it seemed as though a lighting had struck his brain and awakened it!

Since Spade Z was the only person who could trigger such behavior from Almighty Qin…

That also explained the double-kill when he took over the little boy’s game as such a low level game wasn’t anything to Spade Z. If it wasn’t for the difference in advancement, even five kills wouldn’t be an issue!

More importantly, he hadn’t seen anyone who would praise himself in front of others.

The staff hadn’t forgotten how the nouveau had been saying that Spade Z was handsome when he saw the screen, which made the staff assume he was a fan.

He had never expected him to be complimenting himself!

Qin Mo glanced at the staff’s wide eyes, repeating his question, “How long did he use the computer?”

“Ah?” The staff replied hurriedly, “About thirty minutes!”

Thirty minutes… Qin Mo’s gaze dimmed, turning towards the youngster. “You like it that much?”

Bo Jiu agreed immediately. “The graphics are smooth.”

Qin Mo arched a brow as he acknowledged with an ‘oh’ before adding, “Then bring it back to the station for further investigation.”

Bo Jiu: …