Chapter 855 - Only with Me

Chapter 855: Only with Me

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Qin Mo’s earpiece wasn’t off when he said that last line so not only everyone nearby could hear his words, but Fatty as well, who finally understood the situation.

Boss had been after Little Spade.

But why did he make him monitor the network?

Did he perhaps suspect Little Spade to be that-that master?!

Fatty bolted upright.

While the others found their boss’s actions to be despicable, Fatty could no longer suppress his new acquired knowledge.

The little boy was still watching at the side. Honestly, he was truly in shock. By the look of things, the big brother, who had insisted on helping him play, was most probably his idol Big Spade.

However, the big brother hadn’t listened to his commands and had continued to fight in the wilderness instead of saving his cute girl.

What should he do now in order to show his admiration while reminding Big Spade not to be so willful?

It was such a confusing situation.

The little boy frowned before exhaling heavily. “Big Spade, I don’t have any candy, you can go with Almighty Qin. Since he has already taken away your computer, I doubt he would let you off.”

Bo Jiu turned over, glancing at the little boy’s head. “What are you saying?”

Qin Mo was going to pay for the computer. He turned, lifting a brow when he saw the youngster and the kid at odds with each other. “Come over.”

It was obvious who he was referring to.

Bo Jiu pushed her headband, so distractedly handsome. “To the police station? I don’t think I’m going since there’s a competition tomorrow afternoon. I’ll train a bit more.”

“Where are you getting that confidence from?” Qin Mo swept a glance over her hair, his voice calm, but cold without a hint of emotion. “Stop this despicable behavior of stealing candy from children. From now till the end of the competition, you can only be with me.”

Bo Jiu felt a need to explain. “It’s reasonable to ask for a candy since I helped him kill two enemies and if it wasn’t for you, I would have helped him save his beloved little girl as well, such a pity…”

In that large chunk he had spoke, she was clear the focus was on the last line.

“Until the end of the competition, you can only be with me.”

Was he going to keep her locked up?

And that computer…

When her gaze swept across the opening, she tightened the left hand she had in her pocket.

There was still data on the USB stick, but with the destruction of the other computer, the information should be erased.

Qin Mo paused, looking at her. “Are you proud about taking candy from children?”

Bo Jiu: … Was that the only thing he managed to catch?

“Come over,” Qin Mo repeated in a deep voice.

Wasn’t she here already? , Bo Jiu thought, but since her puppy instructed, she inched closer.

When he held onto her left hand, Bo Jiu stilled. Her heart was dropping as she tilted over towards his defined features.

But it was just holding hands, she thought. Although the USB stick in her hands had been discovered.

“You seem nervous?” the Almighty asked as he glanced over. She couldn’t tell if he was sounding her out or if he just wanted to hold hands.