Chapter 857 - Sweet Kiss on the Ear

Chapter 857: Sweet Kiss on the Ear

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The crime squad member didn’t know what it meant but Qin Mo did. He raised his brows. “Send a group over to the Internet café to understand the situation. Check which computers are spoilt and who had been using them. Send the surveillance camera from five pm to seven pm over to the station. The others, follow me.”

Bo Jiu was clearly included in the ‘others’ because they sat in the police car in the same stance a few minutes after.

Bo Jiu would never have imagined that the Almighty would be seated beside her.

He had his eyes closed so peacefully he seemed to be asleep.

However, it just seemed that way because when the city lights fell onto the window, the Almighty asked, “When did you dye your hair?”

Bo Jiu didn’t allow for any loopholes. “I didn’t dye it, it’s a one time spray and works well. The silver hair would look weird with the headband, but black hair would be good.”

“Is it.” Qin Mo opened his eyes. With the lights splashing onto him, the faint smile on his perfect features was stunning.

Bo Jiu had yet to be blinded by his beauty.

Usually when he said “Is it”, he wasn’t convinced.

As expected, he swiped open his phone, clicking onto a video. “Recognize this person?”

Bo Jiu glanced at the ticketing staff who was her in disguise, but it would take an idiot to admit that. “Who do you think this is?”

“A fat ticketing staff.” Qin Mo toyed with his lighter, a cold smile playing at his lips.

Bo Jiu: … What did you mean by fat?!

“No idea.”

Qin Mo lifted a brow.

Bo Jiu assumed he was going to end it there.

However, the Almighty suddenly lowered his body, his emotionless voice entering her ears. “Are you confessing only after I strip you down?”

Bo Jiu froze, her ears turning red.

Even though he was angry, he couldn’t help clipping off all her claws.

In the end, he didn’t do either, taking advantage of the darkness to plant a kiss on her flushed ears.

Since she enjoyed uniforms so much, he was going to make sure she had a good time with it.

Even though it was a light and fleeting touch, it sent a shiver through her.

She glanced at the handsome face admits the darkness of the car.

Kiss me again if you dare , she thought.

Another kiss and I’ll kidnap you back.

A pity the Almighty didn’t receive her message.

He frowned, brushing his fingers through her hair. “Don’t spray such stuff again, it has a weird smell.”

Bo Jiu: … The Almighty was stunning whenever he was silent, but the moment he spoke, it seemed as though he was itching for a beating.

The two crime squad officers at the front of the police car would have loved to alight because of their public display of affection.

But that was just a thought since the station was a distance away.

Around ten minutes later, they arrived and Qin Mo was the first to alight.

Bo Jiu wasn’t very willing since a hacker didn’t seem to fit into a police investigation.

But the Almighty wasn’t going to give her a choice.

This meant that he was still suspicious.

“Brother Mo, do you have to keep my hand cuffed just because I skipped the individual interview?”

Bo Jiu glanced at the cuffs around one wrist.

“Why? You don’t like it?” Qin Mo turned to eye her.

How should she put it?

If she expressed her displeasure, the Almighty would use other methods against her.

“I guess it’s fine after a while…”

Since the other cuff was fastened against his wrist, the situation didn’t seem that bad.