Chapter 858 - Cheating a Meal

Chapter 858: Cheating a Meal

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There weren’t many who could enter the crime squad in such a manner.

Director Huang coughed heavily when he saw the person he had fastened to himself.

Internally, he thought, It’s okay if you wish to date, but why did you have to bring your date to the station?!

Weren’t they supposed to be having an interrogation?!

Was this how he was going to do it?

Director Huang was speechless. This was really a kid born with a silver spoon, even his gay relationship was of such a high profile.

“Where is You Hongliang?” Qin Mo stuffed his free hand into his pocket, his oppressive aura not affected by his current state.

Director Huang was a station head, after all, hence he maintained his composure. “In the second interrogation room.”

Then he eyed the youngster, his intention clear. Weren’t you going to leave him here?

Qin Mo replied nonchalantly, “This is a suspect as well, interrogation has to be done.”

Director Huang: … What kind of excuse is that?!

The youngster broke into a mischievous smile, exposing her two front teeth. “Do you have packed meals? I heard that the crime squad treats suspects rather well.”

Director Huang’s chest heaved up. This youngster had come to cheat a meal the previous time and he was going to do it again?!

Fortunately, Qin Mo was still rational and wasn’t going to agree to such a request.

However, his next line infuriated Director Huang. “Once the interrogation is done, we’ll have lobsters, Director Huang will be paying.”

Director Huang: … When did I agree to that?!

The youngster sighed. “Little Huang sure is generous.”

Qin Mo didn’t bother lifting his head. “It’s one of the rare traits he has.”

Director Huang: … Just like that, his treat was finalised. What shameless people! And what was with the name Little Huang?!

The crime squad officers knew better as they advised their boss, “Stay calm, stay calm, think about the deadline assigned to us…”

Director Huang inhaled deeply, taking large strides towards interrogation room two.

You Hongliang came from a wealthy family and was well informed of the law. Besides, even if they were to investigate, all he had done was having sex, which wasn’t against the law.

They could only keep him in custody for 24 hours.

After that, they would have to release him.

Besides, he had connections.

With a creak, the interrogation door opened.

You Hongliang reached his hand out instinctively, shielding his eyes.

Next, he smirked while straightening, looking fearless.

He already had an excuse prepared.

The time to use it was just brought forward.

Director Huang was a seasoned officer and with a glance at his attitude, he was sure it wasn’t going to be an easy interrogation.

That explained why Qin Mo wanted to interrogate him personally.

You Hongliang dangled his legs casually. The police must be dying to question him.

However, the two who sat in front of him seemed much calmer than he was. One of them leaned back with a lollipop in his mouth while the other had a cigarette in his mouth with their empty hands handcuffed together.

What the f*ck was happening?

After You Hongliang was diagnosed with HIV, his patience started to dwindle and his love for cigarettes intensified.

He tightened his fists.

What exactly were they doing?!

Why weren’t they interrogating him?

After about ten minutes, Qin Mo extinguished his cigarette. His voice was calm as he spoke, “Mr You seems to be in a rush, I guess it is understandable since you are an HIV carrier that doesn’t have much time left.”

Bo Jiu watched at the side. You Hongliang wasn’t able to say anything as he grind his teeth in anger.

She couldn’t help sighing, just one line was enough.

A criminal physiologist could be scary…