Chapter 859 - Genius

Chapter 859: Genius

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It wasn’t possible for You Hongliang to keep calm, especially after catching sight of Qin Mo. His face became distorted. “Officer, be mindful of the way you are interrogating.”

Bo Jiu glanced over with just one thought: This suspect was a goner.

If he changed his methods, she was afraid that no one wouldn’t be able to take it.

She was the prime example.

Qin Mo raised a brow. He pulled out his phone and directed the screen over to You Hongliang.

“I would like to hear Mr You’s explanation for this conversation.”

You Hongliang scoffed, but the minute he glanced at the words on the screen, his face fell!

How was it possible?

How did he get his text message?!

How did it happen?

Someone like You Hongliang would never be able to understand how an intellectual like Qin Mo worked. He was someone who could even calculate when his Hero character would rebound.

A short text message of about ten works wasn’t an issue.

Bo Jiu was well versed in his methods since the Almighty would often use it to trick her. The video that he had shown her previously was using the same method.

The Almighty was prepared for a psychological battle.

Indeed, You Hongliang started to panic when he saw the contents. His gaze started wavering left and right and he was in obvious unease, but he remained tight lipped. “What a joke, why do I have to explain a date?”

Qin Mo held the cigarette in his hand and his voice was emotionless. “My language isn’t that good, but I do understand what the words mean. The police wouldn’t have bothered if it was just an innocent date. But when something includes a conspiracy and a group, it doesn’t seem as innocent anymore.”

“First, I haven’t killed anyone, and second, I haven’t committed arson. Any intimacy that occured has been consensual. Why would you arrest me for that and how did that add up to having a conspiracy and a group behind me? Is this how the police works?” You Hongliang tilted his head, showing his refusal to continue the interrogation.

Qin Mo sized him up. “You haven’t killed anyone, but, Mr You, you don’t seem to understand HIV very well. Do you think everyone who is infected would die immediately? With the advancement of our technology, only those who deserve to die will die, those who don’t will continue living well.”

You Hongliang carried a malicious aura. When he heard that line, his fingers tightened around the edges of the table. What was he trying to do?! Was he trying to say that his actions were useless?! How was that possible?

“Alright, the interrogation is about to be done.” Qin Mo tilted, turning towards the youngster cuffed to him. “We’re going?”

Just like that?

The officers outside were about to enter, but Director Huang pulled them back. “Let’s watch a little more.”

The suspect was clearly affected.

Was this another of Qin Mo’s interrogation’s methods?

No, it was more accurate to say that this was this how a genius criminal psychologist interrogated…

The crime squad members were confused when Qin Mo wanted to leave.

On the other hand, You Hongliang could no longer suppress his anger!

“Make yourself clear! What do you mean by only those that deserve to die will die, those that don’t will continue living well?”

Qin Mo leaned back, replying leisurely, “I meant it literally, don’t you understand what I meant?”

You Hongliang glared at him. His eyes were opened so wide that the insanity inside them could be seen.