Chapter 86 - About to Canoodle?

Chapter 86: About to Canoodle?

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When they heard what he said, Boss Li and Boss Zhang suffered a nasty shock.

They dazedly watched Young Master Qin stand up himself. He looked very smart and noble, wearing a well-cut suit with a black coat draped over his shoulder.

While still holding onto Fu Jiu with his hand, the man glanced at them, making them shiver from his cold gaze.

“Young Master Qin, what about our business today…” Boss Li still wanted to stop them from leaving.

Qin Mo laughed sinisterly. “Do you think I’ll like someone that my brother doesn’t?”

Just that one sentence left the two completely frightened. It felt like a chill had entered right into their bones.

“Young Master Qin, it’s a misunderstanding, Young Master Qin!” The two desperately wanted to explain, following him all the way from the inside to outside the restaurant, but they were stopped by bodyguards in black so that they couldn’t take even half a step further.

The two were worried. Licking their dry lips, they looked at Secretary Liang. “Secretary Liang, please help us persuade… Young Master Qin. We can change whatever he doesn’t like.”

Secretary Liang nudged his glasses and looked at his CEO who was holding the youngster’s left hand. He was wondering when his CEO’s mysophobia was cured, but he also didn’t forget to deal with the two.

“Boss Li and Boss Zhang, CEO Qin is very keen, someone more viciously keen than anyone else. Your attitudes while drinking spoke volumes to him. I have a suggestion for the both of you. Don’t show up in front of him anymore… He is a person who protects those close to him.”

To even say things like ‘my brother,’ it appears that CEO is serious about protecting that youngster.

He was thankful towards these two for taking the blame, otherwise he might not have understood what his CEO meant.

Secretary Liang decided that he would do whatever Young Master Fu asked him to do from now on.

To annoy Young Master Fu was to annoy their CEO. And the result… as one could imagine, would be unimaginable.

After hearing what Secretary Liang had said, Boss Li and Boss Zhang stood still with ashen faces.

How they regretted their harsh tirade from before!

If they had they known that Young Master Qin cared about Young Master Fu so much, would they have shown him any contempt?

It was not like there was anybody in Jiang City who was unaware of Young Master Qin’s temper. Now, even if they were willing to drink a bottle of wine as an apology, he wouldn’t give them a second chance.

This business deal was off.

They were now praying that Young Master Qin could forget them soon. Otherwise, their companies were likely have to discontinue their operations.

What did that useless scion do? How did he get Young Master Qin to protect him so much?

The fact that they knew each other was already odd. Young Master Qin was surprisingly really… really treating him as his younger brother!

If this news was released, it would send reverberations through the entire business circle!

Actually, Fu Jiu didn’t think that Qin Mo would do this much for her. Before, she just thought that “brother” was only a form of address.

“Why are you still in a daze? Get in the car.” Qin Mo opened the car door. The side of his face looked handsome, enriching one’s appreciation of him.

Secretary Liang was the one who was driving the car this time. The two were sitting in the back.

Fu Jiu caught Secretary Liang looking at her through the rear mirror more than once, so she winked with her left eye, an evil smile on her face.

Secretary Liang’s hand slipped, almost making the car swerve.

Qin Mo raised his gaze from the business magazine, frowning. He lifted his left hand and grabbed Fu Jiu by the back of her collar, and with that, the youngster’s face was leaning towards him…