Chapter 861 - Trashed by Z

Chapter 861: Trashed by Z

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Qin Mo was indeed vengeful, but it had nothing to do with the punch.

It was because he had wasted the time he could have used to catch a certain someone.

Director Huang continued watching through the glass window, heaving a sigh of relief.

The reasons were lying behind the pressure and attention of this case and the inability to prosecute the suspect after he was arrested because prosecuting those who used their diseases as a weapon had always been difficult since they weren’t likely to admit their crimes.

The country was governed by laws, but there would still be a minority committing crimes against their morals and disregarding the harm that they would inflict.

But now, this criminal would no longer be an issue and the perpetrator would receive the punishment he deserved.

As a seasoned police officer, he was at ease.

This might also be a reason Qin Mo had been helping Director Huang.

Even though he might seem like a corrupt police officer, deep inside, he was a respectable officer who saw the people’s well-being as his highest priority.

“Director Huang, there’s a call from the higher-ups asking for updates!”

Director Huang inhaled deeply, taking on another persona he reserved for his boss. “Yes, we have gathered the evidence and have followed with investigations of Z. You passed it to someone else? What?!”

When the people around watched as Director Huang’s face changed, they knew something big had happened.

The person on the other end used a coaxing tone. “Z’s case can’t drag on any longer. I’ll be sending a criminal expert over. As for Young Master Qin, it has been three years, which may affect the accuracy of his judgement. The expert I invited over is from America and has exchanged hands with Z in the past, adding some insights to the case. I understand your wish for Qin Mo to come back since the record he created previously has yet to be broken, but, Old Huang, are you sure he won’t get into another accident? And is his memory really back? He is the son of General Qin after all, who’s going to take responsibility if something happens?”

Director Huang knew it was just a stretch, but the main point was another. Who exactly was this expert?!

But there wasn’t any other option even if he knew who the expert was, he still had to obey their wishes.

After hanging up the call, Director Huang was craving for a smoke, but the moment he turned, he saw two of them behind him.

They had on the same expression and it was clear they had heard him shouting.

Director Huang explained, “There’ll be another criminal psychologist from the States who has exchanged hands with Z in the past. He is said to be brilliant and will definitely help you out.”

Director Huang didn’t even believe his own lies.

It was clearly someone of the higher-ups who wanted to claim credit for his performance. F*ck!

Qin Mo glanced at him, but hadn’t asked anything.

Bo Jiu smiled. Someone who had exchanged hands with her?

Other than the Almighty, all the others who had exchanged hands with her had all been trashed by her.

The crime squad was indeed interesting. Why would they recruit an outsider when they already had the best?

Wasn’t that just going to add more trouble?

Qin Mo was reading a document in his hand. With a slight glance upwards, he caught the smile of a certain someone. “What has it got to do with you, why are you so happy?”

Bo Jiu changed into a serious expression. “I have never seen a criminal psychologist from the States before, but it seems interesting. We can come over to Little Huang’s to take a look to see if the expert is really that good.”