Chapter 862 - Only Beauty in the World

Chapter 862: Only Beauty in the World

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Qin Mo didn’t even bother listening to her excuse since none of it was real, but Director Huang took it seriously and even corrected her. “Those experts just have a fancy title, they aren’t as good as your Brother Mo.”

“And aren’t as handsome as my Brother Mo,” Bo Jiu added timely, her words clearly directed to a certain someone.

Qin Mo paused his perusal of the document, moving his gaze towards her.

Bo Jiu arched a brow, her confidence holding a hint of naughtiness.

Qin Mo capped his pen. “You say that with such conviction, have you seen him before?”

Bo Jiu: … Such a trap, the Almighty was too much.

“Qin Mo is the only beauty in this world.”

That was a phrase Qin fans loved to use on the official Weibo and she had managed to remember it well.

Qin Mo softened his gaze, even his aura seemed less chilling.

Director Huang grit his teeth as he watched the two lovebirds flaunt their love.

Weren’t they talking about the criminal psychologist?!

Qin Mo’s gaze lifted slightly. “Is everyone from the theater inside?”

“All the seats you mentioned should be here.” Director Huang rubbed his face. “We questioned them all and they seem to be normal visitors. Since there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, we had to release them. You should be aware that such suspicion can’t be used as evidence to arrest someone.”

Qin Mo continued to read the list, when he reached the fourth last name, he paused. “Rao Rong?”

“What is it? Is there a problem?” Director Huang’s eyes lit up.

Qin Mo replied calmly, “No, he’s an esports player.”

“Oh, there is a esports player in the list who was brought away by his teammate. Are you esports players all this close to your team?” Director Huang was filled with envy when he remarked.

Qin Mo frowned, but didn’t make any comment.

However, Bo Jiu’s gaze remained on Rao Rong’s name.

It was him again. Was it just a coincidence?

“Follow these people.” Qin Mo had never been a person who could be swayed just because he encountered someone he knew. “Let me know if something comes up.”

“I’ll keep you posted, but the main problem is that no one knows what you’re looking for.”

At this moment, those who went to the Internet café came rushing back anxiously. “Director Huang, we have a problem!”

“What problem? What is it?” Little Huang wasn’t informed about the Internet café’s investigation.

Qin Mo stood up. “Speak.”

“There are indeed damaged computers, but that isn’t all, the surveillance cameras have somehow been wiped out as well! But the boss did mention something odd, the motherboard for one particular computer was burnt and there was a word that surfaced onto a few computers.”

“What word!” Little Huang couldn’t suppress his impatience!

He drank a mouthful of water before answering, “Is it fun?”

“I’m asking you a question, why would you ask me that?!” an infuriated Little Huang bellowed

He paused. “Director Huang, that’s the phrase that appeared on the screen: Is it fun…”

Little Huang quietened, coughing heavily.

Qin Mo spoke in a heavy voice, “Who was using that computer, are there records?”

“There are records – a girl between 20 and 25 years with a sweet looking appearance. That girl threw a huge tantrum, which triggered the boss’s attention, but she ignored him and just walked away.”