Chapter 863 - It’s Z

Chapter 863: It’s Z

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Qin Mo placed the documents down. “Call the boss over and get a description of the girl. Use the details to craft out an image of her.”

“There will still be differences.” He scratched his head. “And he can only remember bits and pieces.”

Qin Mo stood up. “It’s still a clue. Send it over once it’s done.”

Director Huang couldn’t understand as well.. “Why are you so hard pressed over the girl?”

“Hard pressed?” Qin Mo seemed affected by the words even though his following words were faint. “It’s just a normal investigation since she’s the mastermind behind the entire case.”

Shock flooded Director Huang’s face the moment he heard the word mastermind.

“You, you mean, she-she…”

Qin Mo looked like a nonchalant aristocrat. “Is that odd?”

“Not really.” Director Huang scratched his head. “How can you be sure she’s the mastermind when she was at the Internet café?”

Qin Mo tapped his hand cuff, signaling for a certain someone to stand up. “Just a moment ago, someone was hunting for her.”

“Hunting her? What do you mean? I’m getting more confused by the minute.” Poor Director Huang was already far into his middle age, but was still losing hair over such matters. Qin Mo wasn’t interested in wasting time on his confusion. His cold voice was filled with disregard. “You can deal with it yourself.”

He arched his brow towards a certain someone. “Are you going to stay here?”

Bo Jiu indeed had such intentions since the station was a safer option than following him right now.

That aside, Director Huang wasn’t going to let them leave without getting his explanation. “No, you have to explain yourself or I won’t be able to sleep!”

“Why do you think the one computer in the Internet café was destroyed? A few computers at once showed the words ‘Is it fun’. What do you think this situation is?” In order to save himself the trouble, Qin Mo went straight to the point. “A system attack.”

Director Huang, however, didn’t understand. “Who would want to attack into an Internet café?”

Bo Jiu wanted to protest because she had been trying to help him locate the mastermind.

More importantly, this was her second gift to the Almighty, so the Almighty shouldn’t be as angry anymore.

Just like how a rich CEO would placate his lover with luxury bags ━ one might not be able to pacify his little lover, but two would definitely be enough.

Jiu seemed to have a misconception in certain areas.

Qin Mo swept her a glance before replying Director Huang, “The mastermind had been attacking the core of the plaza’s network and once there was a network paralysis, the plaza would fall into a state of panic that not even I could control. But there was a master who managed to stop the attack and engaged in a reverse attack, which fixed the problem with the Internet café and the network.”

This was the first time Bo Jiu was flattered since he had called her a master.

Director Huang expressed his loyalty. “We should really thank that master!”

“You probably won’t be saying that if you knew the identity of the master,” Qin Mo replied faintly.

Regardless, Director Huang remained firm. “Regardless of who he is, someone who has saved so many people deserves to be thanked!”

“Is that right?” Qin Mo turned, his deep gaze looking straight at Director Huang and in that moment, his eyes were so deep that his emotions were buried within.

Bo Jiu watched as the thin, beautifully defined lips moved to form the word, “Z.”