Chapter 864 - Born into Darkness

Chapter 864: Born into Darkness

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“What did you say?”

In that moment, Director Huang was starting to wonder if there was a problem with his hearing.

The other crime squad members were stunned, too, but none of them were as shocked as Bo Jiu.

She struggled to maintain her composure, but her racing heart couldn’t lie.

Either, the Almighty already knew her identity, or…

Qin Mo’s gaze remained firm. “The person is Z.”

Director Huang was thoroughly confused, making a turn. “No, you mean Z is the person that had protected the plaza? The one that stopped the network attack?”

Qin Mo humphed plainly.

Director Huang grabbed his hair. “This situation, this situation… This isn’t possible!”

“Why isn’t it possible?” Qin Mo lifted his lids.

Director Huang felt frustration burning through him. “Let me get this straight. You mentioned that the mastermind is actually a serial crime instigator, and now you are saying that Z helped stopped the attack. So do you mean that we aren’t after Z?”

“I reminded you,” Qin Mo replied.

Director Huang inhaled deeply since thanking a criminal was too much for him and on top of that, he was a mess inside.

Why was Qin Mo still speaking up for Z?

He knew Qin Mo too well.

If he really hated a criminal, he would never be acting in such a manner.

Director Huang took a moment before looking at Qin Mo with a worry that had never been there before. “You are still acting in such a manner with regards to Z. Qin Mo, even if you treasure Z for her ability, she is still a criminal. Do you understand?”

Qin Mo remained emotionless. “Let’s first talk about how you are going to give your thanks.”

Director Huang choked while Qin Mo moved his left hand.

Bo Jiu, who was the concerned person, raised a brow. “We’re going?”

It seemed like the Almighty hadn’t guessed her identity yet, it was all still a suspicion.

But this wasn’t bad since she got to hear the remark and the Almighty wasn’t that against her after all.

He treasured her for her ability? That was how she felt about him as well.

There hadn’t been a captor she had wanted to bring home.

However, his next line made her heart still and brought her mood slowly down.

“As for her criminal status, I know it better than anyone else.”

Bo Jiu tilted her head, her hair falling to shield her eyes.

That was also a matter she was very aware of.

Hence, she couldn’t kidnap him.

Because he was the Almighty and both of them would be badly wounded from a battle…

On the other end, the crime squad members were still trying to process the news.

They were still wondering how to report this matter to the higher-ups.

Director Huang, on the other hand, knew that Qin Mo had made things clear at this moment due to the changes made to the case.

There were some matters that Director Huang understood and naturally, Bo Jiu understood as well.

If they weren’t of such identities, they would perhaps be able to treasure each other.

However, that would never be possible because she was Z ━ someone born into the darkness.

There were things she needed to protect, just like how there were things the Almighty had to protect…

Outside, it started to rain, bringing the temperature down.