Chapter 865 - A Talk with the Young Lady

Chapter 865: A Talk with the Young Lady

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At 9.15 pm, there weren’t many people outside due to the rain.

At the entrance of the police station, Qin Mo held a black umbrella over Bo Jiu’s head. His face was elegant and gentle amidst the raindrops and smoke.

There was a car waiting in the rain. It was a black jeep with a red car plate used by the military, which amplified its toughness.

“Young Master.” The Qin family’s driver had always been thoughtful, bringing another umbrella out for them. However, the moment he caught sight of the cuffs, which connected their hands, he was struck speechless.

Qin Mo remained nonchalant. He raised his arm to wipe the raindrops off the youngster’s face. “Let’s go.”

Bo Jiu was still in deep thought.

They wouldn’t be able to get anything from the computer she used because they would have to find someone more professional for something Fatty wasn’t able to do.

Bo Jiu wasn’t afraid of them finding anything since the other computer had collapsed.

After half an hour, any trace would be destroyed.

This duel was about how much the Almighty suspected her…

Qin Mo sat beside her, his gaze landing on her handband as he asked leisurely, “Have you thought about how we’re going to talk?”

Even though she had many things on her mind, this was her greatest worry: the talk with the Almighty.

Was it too late to jump out off the car?

Bo Jiu shook her cuffed hand. It seemed too late and the car was headed towards the military courtyard, which meant the Almighty had no intention of letting her go.

Qin Mo glanced sideways, a hand supporting his face as he watched her, his fingers tapping her wrist occasionally.

That pressure was so intense that the tap seemed to cut through her right hand.

All that aside, he was still as good looking as ever.

Bo Jiu concluded that he was likeable because of his good looks.

After sorting out her thoughts, she was about to speak, but the Almighty’s voice came through first. It was warm and slow. “There’s something I’m curious about. Why did you insist on competing our size the first time we met? How exactly were you planning to compete with me?”

Bo Jiu forced back whatever she had wanted to say.

The driver didn’t understand what he meant.

But with first-hand experience, Bo Jiu was all too sure. At the time, she had pressed him against the wall in order to prevent her identity from being exposed. She hadn’t thought much into it.

“I was young and dumb.” Bo Jiu didn’t think it was time for such a sensitive topic, but Qin Mo had other plans.

The military courtyard wasn’t far.

Now that they had reached the garage, Qin Mo lifted his gaze towards the driver in front. “Old Wang, you can go in first.”

Sensing that they had more to say, Old Wang didn’t turn off the heater before leaving the car.

As the jeep was left with the both of them, Bo Jiu knew that she was in a tricky situation.

The moment Old Wang alighted, the oppressive pressure radiating from the Almighty intensified.

“Do you think being young and dumb allows you to play flirt without having to take responsibility?” Qin Mo glanced up. “As a wall-climbing student, young lady, you seemed to be lacking in this area.”

Bo Jiu knew she didn’t have the upperhand so she decided to go into the offensive. “Brother Mo, you can ask the reason behind my cross-dressing.”

“I’m not very interested in that explanation,” Qin Mo replied leisurely, his perfectly defined face looking ravishing.

Bo Jiu: … Conversation killer!