Chapter 866 - Not Interested in an Explanation

Chapter 866: Not Interested in an Explanation

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Qin Mo lowered his body, his black hair slightly moist from the rain before. His fingers landed on the safety belt.

Bo Jiu didn’t think he would be so kind as to let her off, but even with her defense up, Bo Jiu was caught off guard. After her safety belt was released, his long slender fingers lingered, traveling up her waist to land on her chest.

Bo Jiu lifted her arm, arching a brow. “Brother Mo, what are you trying to do?”

Bo Jiu watched as his calm gaze flitted across her collar, a faint smile on his lips. “I guess you made me grab the real deal last time? Aren’t you going to hold my hand to stop it this time?”

Dark history.

Every memory since she had met the Almighty seemed to become a dark history.

This time, he didn’t give her any chance to react, leaning forward and forcing her against the car door. His left hand reached into her shirt to push the cloth aside. He moved swiftly, putting her at a disadvantage the moment she had wanted to react.

With her back facing Qin Mo and a hand restrained by a handcuff, her movements were fairly limited.

The Almighty knew she was good with her legs, and had decided to just stay in the car with her enclosed.

“Rather than the reason behind your cross-dressing, I’m more interested in the way your body is structured.” Qin Mo watched the person within his embrace, his inky, black eyes deepening as he pushed onto her. He pressed his lips onto her pale and slender neck, his deep voice heating up the car instantly.

Even so, Bo Jiu straightened, unwilling to show even a hint of weakness in such a moment.

Qin Mo chuckled, his cold lips moving upwards towards her ears. “Have a feel, isn’t that what you wished for?”

“Brother Mo, aren’t we supposed to have a good talk?” Bo Jiu wanted to move her her wrists, but it was restricted by the handcuffs. She then wanted to move her right leg, but it was pressed down by him.

Qin Mo raised a brow, his handsome appearance reflecting onto the window. Even in this situation, he was looking elegant and poise.

Although she had her back towards him, she could still see his face.

With his jet black hair and perfect handsomeness, he looked like a dangerous devil of the night.

“Aren’t we talking?” He laughed, with a flick of his finger. His breath fell onto her back. “What is it? Don’t you like the way we are talking?”

A wave of heat pulsed through her with every touch, causing her to tremble involuntarily.

Her body started to heat up along with the car temperature, but that voice had no intention of leaving her ear. The cooling touch was exploring her bare flesh, before she felt a firm clench!

“It’s soft and the feeling isn’t bad, I’m sure this imitation can fool some otakus, even I was fooled.” This time, his laughter was tighter. “That was smart.”

She seemed to have heard it before.

After thinking a while more, she realized that it had come from her and that the Almighty could really hold a grudge.

Bo Jiu grabbed onto the last opportunity, trying to stand up. “I can explain.”

Qin Mo pushed her back down, his breath deepening. His fingers remained stationary with no intentions of leaving. The softness beneath his palms was carrying a heat which came along whenever he recalled the memory of the touch…

She meanwhile wondered if he was even going to listen to her explanation.