Chapter 867 - Continue to Take Advantage

Chapter 867: Continue to Take Advantage

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Bo Jiu knew her excuses were no longer useful at this point.

The flush on her face was growing because of Qin Mo and even the tips of her ears were starting to heat up.

Then the Almighty spoke near her ears, “In the past, were you also referring to them when you said you were still growing?”

Bo Jiu no longer wished to speak since she wasn’t his match.

Her eyes dimmed, as she tried to open the car door.

When he caught her movement, he didn’t hesitate as he pressed his lips onto hers violently, and without a doubt, the kiss was both fiery and full of madness.

Bo Jiu opened her mouth to speak, but was pressed beneath him and his burning tongue entangled with hers.

Everything seemed to be sucked out of her mind, leaving an empty void.

With his breath infiltrating, it crumpled her resolve.

The smell of tobacco and the fragrance of candy lingered between his lips.

The youngster could feel her young body weakening, softening into a puddle of water.

Even though they were in the car, a sensual sound could still be heard.

It was cold and slightly hoarse as it danced in the air, robbing her off their senses…

Qin Mo smiled, glancing down at the softened figure in his arms. His lips trailed downwards from her neck to her back. Her clothes were a crumpled mess.

Bo Jiu moved her wrists, but was restricted by the handcuffs, killing off her willpower.

Their overly intimate position cast a shadow on the window.

Even though Bo Jiu was still clothed, many of her uniform’s buttons had been ripped off in their frenzy and thus her flawless white shoulders were exposed.

As Qin Mo bit down on her left shoulder, Bo Jiu shuddered involuntarily.

Dense and white kisses trailed down her body, spreading a numbing sensation and awakening all the hidden desires.

Bo Jiu wanted to pull herself free, reaching out to push him aside.

He seemed to be out of control, collecting her arms to the top of her head as he pressed her onto the windows. Her black hair fell across her forehead, alluring and captivating. Desire was clouding his eyes.

She shuddered again, probably because of the kiss or touch.

It was so intense that she couldn’t even differentiate between their breaths anymore.

In this position, Qin Mo didn’t have to do much for her to feel him.

People would often talk about femme fatales, but that was only because they had never seen Qin Mo aroused.

It wasn’t just women, even men wouldn’t be able to resist him.

Even if it wasn’t much, he reached out, caressing her slightly swollen lips.

– Extra scenes –

Interviewer: “Z, Even though you revealed your name yesterday, everyone still got it wrong. What are you thoughts?”

“You’re interviewing me twice for a name? Are you trying to create a scandal?” Bo Jiu folded her legs. “Dad doesn’t want to be interviewed a third time over this name issue.”

Interviewer: “… Dad?”

Bo Jiu broke into a mischievous smile. “Sugar Daddy, it’ll be the new name I go by after kidnapping your Almighty Qin. How is it? Cool, right?”

Interviewer: …