Chapter 868 - The Almighty’s Child

Chapter 868: The Almighty’s Child

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“But this isn’t a suitable location.” Qin Mo pressed his forehead against the back of her head as he pushed through the last struggle. The beads of sweat from his forehead trickled down to his jaw and when they reached his neck, it showed an alarming heat and self-restraint. “There should at least be a bed so you’ll feel more comfortable even though you’re much safer here with your claws clipped. But I still can’t bear for you to go through such pain.”

With these words, Qin Mo stood up and unlocked the car door while the arousal turned Bo Jiu’s eyes red.

Before she could process the situation, she felt herself being lifted into an embrace.

Qin Mo placed his outerwear over her long legs.

The curves beneath the white shirt were a healthy sort of beauty.

Rain droplets were falling onto his hair, but had no impact on his elegance.

Madam Zhang was about to head over when she saw her young master carrying someone, but she retreated silently the moment she caught sight of his profile.

A faint ceiling lamp shone in Qin Mo’s bedroom.

Almost instantly after she was tossed onto the bed, she was pressed down again.

Her outerwear came unbuttoned and her soft and thin undershirt was clinging to her skin.

The hand pressing her palms down restricted her movements.

The glass window wasn’t closed and when the wind blew, it sent the white lace curtains flying.

Qin Mo didn’t give her a chance to escape.

The white shirt was opened and rolled upwards, displaying her waist.

The white slenderness was just as he had imagined, soft and delicate to the touch. With each movement, the curve was pure seduction.

Qin Mo chuckled, kneeling on the bed as he held onto her chin. His tongue was entering her mouth, untangling, and exploring.

No one could withstand such a kiss.

His hands were still traveling down towards her most sensitive area.

Bo Jiu wasn’t his match. Her eyes were glazed and an uncontrolled whimper escaped her lips.

Qin Mo trembled. The last of his sanity was collapsing as he separated her legs ━ the desire was stronger than ever.

With a strong heart beat, his soul seemed to be flying, especially when he saw the tight knot on her forehead and the shiver that went through her.

He wanted to own her completely.

His predatory nature was exposed and it only intensified with the sight of her lying on his bed, clothes entangled, her dark hair a mess, and the cuff on his left hand. That aside, her body remained flawless and gold, like a piece of jade, playing with the primitive need within him. The image heightened his senses, sucking him in.

She looked into his eyes and knew there was no escape.

Between the brushing of her legs, she could barely keep it in.

Her body was numb.

She knew what he was doing. Her senses were blurred as she bit down on her lips, all the sensations seemingly coming from the same area.

There was only one area which kept its sanity.

The hidden knife she wasn’t going to use because that would hurt the Almighty’s hand.

It was just sex after all.

It was just this once ━ and she could be given the Almighty’s child after she left.

It wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

With that thought in mind, Bo Jiu went into the offense, pressing down on his arm. “I don’t like being passive.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll get your chance.” Qin Mo smiled, a fire burning within his eyes as his smile deepened.