Chapter 87 - Turned Gay?

Chapter 87: Turned Gay?

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Qin Mo kept his voice down and warned Fu Jiu seriously through his lovely thin lips, “Please don’t just flirt with anyone you meet.”

“I was merely greeting Secretary Liang,” Fu Jiu said, and she lazily leaned back into the seat with one arm bent behind her head, looking handsome as always.

Considering Fu Jiu’s flirting skills, Qin Mo didn’t believe a word he said. He threw a magazine to him and replied in a mild voice, “Just lower your head and read your magazine. What’s so nice about looking at an old man like Secretary Liang?”

Hearing that, Secretary Liang, who was in front of them, almost spurted out a mouthful of blood.

He was indeed not young!

But who had he offended that the CEO would dish out such vile words at him?!

Fu Jiu flipped open the magazine and browsed through it. She felt bored and turned to the other man, who looked noble even while he was just sitting. She asked, “Is there any book that’s filled with handsome men or cars?”

Upon hearing that sentence, Secretary Liang felt shocked once again.

Suddenly, something occurred to him!

It was that this disinherited scion, that man… He was gay!

Was it possible that CEO had… had been turned into a gay by him… No, definitely not!

Even if his young master didn’t like women, he wouldn’t like men either.

But what if it was true?


How could he forget that CEO has been dating an evil fairy in an online game recently, and the girl sent WeChat messages to him every day.

So, it was impossible for CEO to be gay.

How wild his imagination was! He snickered. However, just as Secretary Liang was about to let out a sigh of relief, he found his CEO pinching the teenager’s chin. His handsome face was close to the man. He looked like he was going to kiss him, breaking his style

of maintaining a distance from others all these years.

“I don’t care what your sexual orientation is, but once you join the team, casually flirting around with people is not permitted anymore. Besides, you’d better put those stupid things aside and only read business magazines. If you don’t shut up, I will throw you out.”

Aside from being filled with teeth-gnashing frustration, CEO’s tone was unthreatening, just as if he was disciplining a younger brother.


What did CEO say?

Join the team?!

It meant that the evil fairy who his CEO was specially looking for in the club today was… was that disinherited Young Master Fu?!

Was that the case?

No, he needed to confirm it!

He shouldn’t randomly guess!

How could his CEO’s unforgettable secret cyber lover be a man?!

“Young Master Jiu, how did you meet our CEO? To be honest, I was startled to see you just now.”

Fu Jiu also found the secretary to be a nice guy. With a magazine in her hands, she casually answered, “We met in a game. I took part in an internal competition organized by the Qin Corporation today, so Brother Mo came to see my performance.”

He was really that evil fairy!

At this moment, Secretary Liang could not express his inner thoughts anymore, and he just looked at the road straight ahead with his palms sweating.

Fu Jiu was driven home in this manner. Before getting off the car, she turned to the side to take the computer parts that she had just bought, revealing her smooth and white waist between her white coat and black belt. The way it twisted looked stunning.

Upon seeing it, Qin Mo, who was beside her, frowned a little and unconsciously loosened his tie. Finally, it was as though he could not bear it any further. He reached out to pull down the lower hem of her clothes, looking indifferently at Fu Jiu’s eyes, which turned around to meet his. Like a big brother, he coolly said, “It’s getting colder. Don’t always wear such short clothes. In addition, as a boy you are too white, so try to think of how you can make yourself look more masculine in the future.”