Chapter 872 - Disobedient

Chapter 872: Disobedient

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In that instant, all the tenderness was wiped away and the warmth came to an abrupt stop.

Qin Mo stilled while Bo Jiu tightened her grip within his embrace.

Qin Mo lowered his lids, sweeping across her face. His lips were in a tight line, his brows thick and heavy, and his pretty eyes seemed like a vortex without a single ripple. His gaze was cold, his emotions apparent.

Those who knew him were used to his elegance and poise even when he was having a row, but now, he radiated a scary tension that kept others away.

It was still drizzling outside as Qin Mo placed her under the blanket because of the lowered temperature.

Bo jiu slipped in and out of her sleep. In her daze, she could hear someone ask, “Why do you have to leave?”

It was a deep voice which was slightly raspy.

In her exhaustion, Bo Jiu sunk into a deeper sleep.

As the night deepened, Princess huddled in one edge of the glass balcony, quieter than usual.

He didn’t dare to make a ruckus.

After today, he finally understood.

In the past, he had assumed that the youngster wouldn’t stand a chance at tainting his master.

But now, it seemed like his skills were too strong.

Master didn’t even resist when he sat on top of him.


As a cat, there was only so much he could do.

Even though it was late, there still came noise from the kitchen because Madam Zhang was awake.

She stilled when she saw the tall and upright figure in the kitchen.

She wasn’t sure what he was thinking about because his gaze was deep and thick, looking like a bottomless pit.

Madam Zhang walked over. “Young Master, let me do it.”

Qin Mo shook his head, carrying a claypot of noodles upstairs.

Madam Zhang watched from behind, debating if she should inform Madam that Young Master had brought back Young Master Jiu.

Even Madam Zhang could sense his difference today.

Qin Mo rarely cooked and he wasn’t hungry, hence, it was obvious who it was for.

He glanced at the person on the bed, her black hair falling downwards onto her face with only her chin exposed. Her sleeping look was adorable.

But… Qin Mo narrowed his eyes dangerously before smirking. “You just wouldn’t learn.”

He stepped forward, pressing down on her.

In her half-awake state, she was dragged into another round of fury, leaving her helpless and numb. Even her toes were trembling.

Bo Jiu felt as though she was burning. She pressed her fingers down, but still wasn’t able to prevent being suppressed. When she finally opened her eyes, the world seemed to be hazy.

It was originally a punishment, but at this moment, Qin Mo felt himself softening. Just a look into her eyes let the need within him explode. He held onto her waist, engaging into yet another fierce battle.

The white curtains blew, giving off a lingering sort of beauty…

The skies were bright.

The Jiang City skies were exceptionally blue after the rain.

The sunrays came shining from the east, splashing onto the bed sheets.

After sleeping for an entire afternoon, Bo Jiu managed to regain her strength, but when she came into contact with the sunrays, she instinctively reached out to shield her eyes…