Chapter 873 - Almighty Qin Wants to Bully You

Chapter 873: Almighty Qin Wants to Bully You

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She tilted her head, waking from her slumber.

Her whole body was aching, especially her legs.

However, that wasn’t worse than the redness marking her neck.

Bo Jiu’s eyes dimmed, glancing down at her chest instantly. Fortunately, the glaring reminder had been dealt with.

With yesterday’s situation…

Just the thought of the night sent a wave of redness through her ears.

It was best left unspoken.

Bo Jiu arched a brow. With her fair skin fully exposed to the sun rays and the sheets ruffled in a puddle around her like snow, she was beautiful. But she still carried her cold and lazy aura, looking like a glacier which had been locked up for many years.

She didn’t leave the bed immediately, instead, she covered herself with the sheets. Coincidentally, she caught Princess’s eyes and couldn’t help reaching out to caress him.

When Qin Mo entered, his gaze deepened at the sight.

The bed, the person on it, and the cat were all his ━ and he wasn’t going to let any of them go.

Bo Jiu lifted her lids when she caught sight of the person entering, restraining herself slightly.

Honestly, the Almighty was the person she wanted to see the least, mainly because her intentions hadn’t been pure when she had slept with him.

However, with her mischievous personality, it wasn’t possible for her to be that fearful.

Hence, she decided to take on a more dominant position. “Brother Mo, is there anything to eat?”

Qin Mo arched his brow. This girl wasn’t shy at all. He reached out towards the claypot he placed on the table and opened the lid, a rich aroma spreading through the room.

There were spring onion garnish on the handmade noodles along with tender meat at the side. It looked like an appetizing meal.

The only problem was that the Almighty was feeding her personally.

When their eyes met, she couldn’t help but shy away.

Bo Jiu knew the Almighty had an aversion towards dirt, hence, she ate seriously, ensuring there wasn’t any soup spillage.

If it hadn’t been for his faint words. “That was my first.”

Bo Jiu paused. What did that mean?

Qin Mo watched her, looking unconcerned. “Since you slept with me, you’ll have to take responsibility. What do you think?”


Bo Jiu forced the noodles down, feeling as though it was a grand scheme. Hence, she couldn’t help reminding him, “Brother Mo, the girl should be the one at a disadvantage.”

“Is that so?” Qin Mo opened his official Weibo, clicking onto a post which had been reposted many times. The topic was: Which esports Almighty do you want to sleep with?

Without a doubt, Qin Mo was at the top.

Spade Z was up there as well. Her rank wasn’t bad as it was still the third position.

“Now who do you think is at a disadvantage?” Qin Mo toyed is lighter, a faint smile lifting his lips as his hair fell downwards.

Bo Jiu looked at the statistics and for the first time in her life, she wanted to be first.

“I have never interacted with any other female and would not confess to others often.”

Even though his voice was music to her ears, every word seemed to be about her dark past.

After feeding her the last mouthful of noodles, he placed the wooden chopsticks down as he concluded coldly, “Now who do you think is at a disadvantage?”