Chapter 874 - How Did I Bully?

Chapter 874: How Did I Bully?

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According to his words, she really seemed to be the one who had benefited.

She was keenly aware of the remarks made about the Almighty online.

The first half read: “Qin Mo is the only beauty in the world.”

The next half was: “It’s a pity that sleeping with him in this lifetime would be difficult.”

Bo Jiu needed a cigarette to calm down. She pushed her fringe backwards, exposing her delicate features. “Brother Mo, pass me a cigarette, I need to think about this matter.”

Qin Mo smirked, his gaze chilling when it swept past her face. “You need an after-sex cigarette?”

Bo Jiu: … Why did this seem like she was the despicable one?!

Qin Mo passed a long slender stick towards her and stretched his other hand under the sheets.

Bo Jiu opened her eyes wide, the cigarette trembling slightly.

“What is it? Not used to it?” Qin Mo leaned his head against her shoulder, his handsome face tilting slightly. His breath was landing behind her ears and his voice was carrying a laziness distinct to early mornings. “Weren’t you very experienced last night?”

Qin Mo’s hand caressed the back of her waist, the tenderness urging him down.

And that movement triggered a response.

“Don’t hide, let me touch you.” Qin Mo pulled her into his embrace, speaking naturally as though it was a daily affair. “I can’t just let you sleep with me without a payment.”

Bo Jiu contracted her waist, feeling the heat engulf her.

She didn’t even get to smoke and had gotten taken advantage of again.

A familiar numbness spread through her. She was helpless without her clothes on.

In the end, Qin Mo stopped, in fear of acting uncontrollably.

Bo Jiu’s flawless face was flushed, her hair in a mess. She was looking as though she had been bullied.

That was indeed what had happened though and the bully happened to be a tease as well.

“You like it?” Qin Mo chuckled as he pressed his mouth to her ears. “That was also how you reacted yesterday.”

Jiu was still shy about such matters. A tinge of red was spreading through her ear as she struggled. “Brother Mo, let’s make a deal never to talk about what happened yesterday.”

Qin Mo eyes turned cold instantly. “Sure then let’s talk about how you’re going to take responsibility.”

Bo Jiu knew there was no escaping and with a raise of her brow, she asked, “Are you sure you want me to take responsibility? I’m afraid you would regret.”

“Regret?” Qin Mo kept stretched his legs out, looking at her with a deep gaze, which was perfect as usual. “You seem to have a proposal.”

Did kidnapping him count as one? Bo Jiu was about to ask, but she managed to remain rational in the face of this male seductor.

“Not really, I just wanted to hear how Brother Mo intends for me to take responsibility.” Bo Jiu caressed her nose, she shouldn’t be feeling guilty during a negotiation.

Qin Mo showed an elegant smile, which didn’t contain any warmth. “How do you think you should take responsibility after such a thing happened? Mmh?”

Bo Jiu glanced at him, wondering how to reply and in the end, she decided to be straightforward. “It depends on the situation.”

“In the end, you just never intended to take responsibility.” Qin Mo understood her well. He stood up, his gaze still as deep and mesmerising as the sea. As the conversation went on, the light in his eyes started to dim, all the warmth dissipating. “I guess you only learn with handcuffs on.”

With that last chilling sentence, he walked out of the room, his back carrying a thick layer of frost.