Chapter 876 - Nothing Is Impossible for Z

Chapter 876: Nothing Is Impossible for Z

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“Young Master, you mean that Z had transmitted the firewall operating system to another computer and got someone to help her start it in order to divert our attention? And she wasn’t at the café, but somewhere else?”

Since Fatty managed to piece up the puzzle and come up with an answer, he wasn’t that that dumb after all.

“But that would be insanely difficult, she would need to possess incredible network skills and her comrades would need to act timely as well.”

Fatty was convinced because the chances weren’t high.

In that moment, Qin Mo lifted his gaze. “Don’t forget that we’re speaking about Z.”

He indicated that nothing was impossible for Z.

As he understood Qin Mo’s words, Fatty paused slightly. Indeed, everything was possible.

Qin Mo tilted his head to lit a cigarette. His long and slender fingers were gripping the stick. “Have you checked the surveillance camera at the café? Is there anything you missed?”

“Yes, I have checked it, but since the café is part of a popular chain, it’s constantly filled with customers. Hence, the staff wouldn’t be able to remember everyone. There is an average of a thousand customers each day. Moreover, the person using the laptop didn’t seem to have ordered anything. He went straight to the second floor to the seat beside the floor-to-ceiling window. Coincidentally, the surveillance camera at that position had been down since the afternoon before and it was being repaired when the incident occurred.” Fatty knew he had to be specific about the details when reporting to Young Master.

Qin Mo took a puff of his cigarette as he leaned against the wall, his defined face blurred by the ashes. “Someone seems to have received information about the plaza much earlier than the crime squad. Even the workings of the surveillance camera had been noted. That’s pretty remarkable.”

“Yes.” Fatty paused before adding, “But we managed to get something, Young Master. Do you remember the surveillance video you made me dig out? The patrons didn’t manage to catch his appearance, but the man in front of the laptop was wearing the theater’s uniform. As per Young Master’s instructions, I have asked the theater manager about the lockers. When the incident occurred, there was indeed something wrong with the lockers. He was informed by an employee, but when he wanted to ask about a follow-up, that employee had disappeared, which he found rather odd. Afterwards, someone passed the items in the locker, which You Hongliang had deposited, to the police.”

Fatty paused, bracing himself when he asked, “Young Master, does that eliminate the suspicion you have about Little Spade? The person who had impersonated the theater staff is clearly the person in the café and Little Spade had been gaming on the fifth floor at that time. So it isn’t possible for it to be him.”

“Is that so?” Qin Mo watched the cigarette, which had dimmed. “Then tell me, why did he disappear after the competition without his uniform?”

Fatty choked.

Qin Mo fell silent since Fatty wasn’t wrong.

The results were completely different from his profiling, but there was still one point which didn’t add up.

Qin Mo extinguished his cigarette in the ashtray. His voice was growing faint as he spoke, “If he had gone so far as to account for the surveillance camera, how is it possible for him to miss out on the café patrons?”