Chapter 877 - Unwilling

Chapter 877: Unwilling

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“As they brushed past each other at the café, it’s inevitable for patrons to remember his attire,” Fatty added.

Although was the most reasonable conjecture, Qin Mo still wasn’t completely convinced and his gaze dimmed. “A perfect scheme without any loopholes.”

Fatty didn’t know what else to say since Young Master was clearly unconvinced.

Qin Mo reached out to pour himself a cup of alcohol. His gaze was deepening as he added ice cubes. “Tell me what you found through the car keys.”

“Aardwolf is in charge of that, the car records can only be found in a day.” Fatty grabbed his head. “Young Master, Supreme Alliance has to head over to the neighboring city for the second match. You and Little Spade…”

He had already heard about how Young Master had left with Little Spade handcuffed to himself. The handcuff explained how angry he had been at Little Spade.

“It seems like you guys are really interested in my private life,” Qin Mo replied leisurely.

Fatty immediately replied, “No, that’s not true at all. I just felt like it’ll be good to have Little Spade when dealing with Lin Chentao.”

As a brother, he had to be brave to save Little Spade!

Fatty glanced at the Alliance’s group chat. Somehow, the voice across the phone seemed to have chilled. “That’s my intentions, but he isn’t willing.’

With that, his boss hung up.

Fatty was confused. What did he mean?! Little Spade wasn’t willing to continue the competition? That wasn’t possible! Little Spade had outwardly professed his desires to trash them.

Fatty was unaware that Qin Mo had been referring to another matter.

Meanwhile in the Qin family’s house, Madam Zhang was fiddling around the kitchen.

After cutting a plate of fruits, she walked out of the kitchen, stilling when she saw Qin Mo with a wine glass.

It was out of character for him to be drinking before noon.

Besides, he seemed a little odd at the moment. Hadn’t he been fine previously?

He was surrounded by a chilling aura and a hint of something else.

Fortunately, he wasn’t like that for long because he straightened his posture. “Madam Zhang, send a set of clothes up for Young Master Fu.”

“Alright.” Madam Zhang felt more at ease. There wasn’t anything they couldn’t talk out, hopefully they wouldn’t end up in a cold war.

Upstairs, the ravishing youngster was looking at her phone: After reading the message, a chill spread through her lids. She deleted the message and replied, “There’s something wrong with Rao Rong, keep an eye on him. How’s your situation?”

“Good, the identical theater uniform you made me prepare came in handy.” Hoshino sat at the end of his team, but that wasn’t enough to dampen his presence.

When the people beside him watched as he received a message, they were turning to take a lot. “Who is it? Who is it?”

“Delivery.” Hoshino kept his phone, his gaze moving to the manga in front of him.

The Japanase manager was a pure Japanese, who wasn’t very tall and had a sharp gaze. He didn’t have a strong presence, but even though his stance seemed humble, his ambition was clearly seen on his face. “I heard that the teams from China this year aren’t that easy to deal with.”