Chapter 878 - Sending Candies

Chapter 878: Sending Candies

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He glanced around. “If they are Xiangnan, what are your chances at winning?”

No one replied.

After a second, someone shifted the magazine in front of his face, exposing a dashing yet beautiful appearance with hair longer than a girl. “A hundred percent.”

The manager broke into a smile and his eyes lit up. “Alright, that is the spirit we need. I’ll be discussing with the investors and the support side…”

Before the manager could finish his sentence, Hoshino stood up, a hand stuffed into his pocket as he headed for the door. But before he left, he threw a bomb at them. “If Xiangnan isn’t the champion of the National League, our chances won’t be a hundred percent.”

With that, he strolled out of the meeting room while the manager opened his eyes wide. “What do you mean? What does Hoshino mean?”

“He meant that literally.” The beauty smiled while he turned to his other teammate. “Did your vice-captain watch Supreme Alliance’s match yesterday?”

“Ah? He went? I’m not sure, but he wasn’t in the dorms yesterday!”

“He really went.” The beauty caressed his lips. “Why does Supreme Alliance seem so interesting?”

Outside in the corridors, Hoshino broke into a faint smile when he saw the photo of a certain someone smiling while she gamed.

He really wanted a match.

This was a side of Z he had never seen before.

On the second floor of the Qin family’s house, Bo Jiu glanced around. Without anything to wear, she slipped on the jacket the Almighty had tossed on the edge of the chair.

With his tall height, his jacket could easily pass as a dress on her.

Bo Jiu felt a need to clean up the sheets. It wouldn’t be convenient for Madam Zhang to clean it because anyone who saw the jarring red stain would know what had happened.

It was best to keep the situation under wraps.

Bo Jiu wasn’t great at housework, hence, her actions weren’t smooth or tender.

Princess walked around on the wooden floor, feeling his fur exploding.

This person didn’t just toss the pillows, he tossed it at him! Was it deliberate?!

Besides, how dumb can a person be to not know how to remove sheets from the bed? Even master is better at that, meow!

Qin Mo realized that every time he was back, the cat and person would be up to something.

Princess was huddled in his own nest when Qin Mo arrived. His face was imposing as he bit onto the fake rat as though nothing had happened and he hadn’t bit the bed sheets!

Bo Jiu arched a brow, suavely ignoring a certain cat’s betrayal. Next, she lifted her gaze to watch the Almighty.

The intelligent Qin Mo definitely knew what had happened. “You can’t even settle the sheets?”

“A student has to have some shortcomings.” Bo Jiu lifted her finger, pulling the sheets out.

When the redness came to sight, Qin Mo’s gaze deepened. He walked towards the beauty with ruffled hair, who was standing at the edge of the bed. She wore his jacket, completely naked underneath, her long legs slender and pale, the contrast with he black jacket so irresistible…