Chapter 879 - Household Chores

Chapter 879: Household Chores

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Qin Mo suppressed his thoughts as he pulled her into his arms.

Bo Jiu paused. His unique aroma was drowning her senses. There was a hint of tobacco and alcohol, which couldn’t seem to blend together, giving rise to a fragrance which lowered her defences.

The Almighty reached his hand out, a numbing sensation spreading through her back, causing her to shy away.

He pressed onto her, his voice faint. “Don’t you want your clothes?”

Ever since the Almighty had entered, she had noticed the items in his hands, hence, she reached out.

Qin Mo shifted his arm, his eyes darkening. “Stay still.”

What did that mean?

Bo Jiu raised a brow.

A slender pair of hands pulled out a piece of white cloth.


Bo Jiu felt a blush creep up her face because she knew what he was going to do. Hence, she removed the jacket and turned around while his voice was coming nearer. “Do you know this is going to stop your growth?”

“What growth…” Bo Jiu hid away from the numbing breath while her chest tightened. The next second, a finger brushed through her hair.

Retaliating would be a natural reaction to such actions.

Qin Mo raised her arm leisurely. “Do I have to remind you how you slept with me for nothing? I’m just helping you wear your clothes. Why, you aren’t willing? Do you wish for Madam Zhang to see you naked on my bed when she brings the clothes up? Mmh?”

Bo Jiu arched her brow. Before she could say anything, he carried her, placing her onto his thighs.

He was really helping her wear her clothes, but when the tip of his finger brushed past certain areas, Bo Jiu could feel the heat seeping through her face and her heart beating rapidly.

The Almighty seemed to be fond of her current reaction because his lips were curving upwards.

She bit onto her lip as she watched the perfect looking man through her peripheral vision.

The Almighty seemed to always be in such a state; regardless of when it was, his appearance would never be impacted. His figure was always graceful, even with the sort of things he was doing now…

With the Almighty’s help, wearing a simple t-shirt and uniform pants took more than ten minutes.

However, Bo Jiu could only endure the process because she couldn’t have Madam Zhang coming over.

Without a doubt, she was the only one Young Master Qin was willing to attend to personally.

It would be a lie to say that one wasn’t jealous. Princess lifted his big face, feeling as though his master no longer adored him.

“How do you wish for the bed sheets to be dealt with?” Qin Mo asked the person on his thighs, the hostility in his eyes dissipating. Surprisingly, it didn’t feel bad helping a certain someone wear her clothes. He could try this once every day. Of course, that was if she remained obedient.

Qin Mo’s gaze deepened.

‘Wash it.” The clothes served as an armour and she could finally face him off with rolled up sleeves, reminding him that it had been her first time as well.

But he just stood there shamelessly.

The next moment, he stood up, sweeping her a glance before replying faintly, “Madam Zhang made your favourite pork ribs, you can go and have it first. I’ll wash it.”

The Almighty rolled his sleeves upwards, exposing his flawless arm, which seemed more like that of a hand model. He took the bed sheets and headed for the bathroom.

Bo Jiu hesitated slightly before following behind, standing at the door to watch him as he moved systematically.

She had always admired those who were good at household chores, much less to say someone like the Almighty, who was handsome, gave off a good vibe, and was a hard worker.

Qin Mo lifted his brow when he caught her staring.

It was hard not to stare since his unique appearance held such a magnetizing presence.

Even though her hair was no longer the same color and she was much more obedient than before, she still carried her arrogance, which was uncharacteristic of a girl.

This explained why he hadn’t noticed her being a girl.

However, that wasn’t all because she was also a master of disguise, just like Z…

“Aren’t you hungry?” Qin Mo’s hands were covered in bubbles, his black pants long and straight, sending a wave of handsomeness towards her when he turned to wash his hands.

Bo Jiu slouched lazily at the side, a handsome smile on her face. “We can head down together after you’re done.”

“Come over,” Qin Mo commanded.

Bo Jiu raised her brows at his words. “What is it?”

“Help me light a cigarette, the lighter is in my pocket.” Qin Mo tilted his chin towards his long pants.

Bo Jiu wasn’t one who didn’t even dare light a cigarette, so she passed him one.

He didn’t reach for it with his hands, but was looking downwards as his lips reached for it.

Bo Jiu had to admit that the Almighty was irresistible at the moment, especially when he held onto her raised arm, with his lashes lowered and face amidst the smoke.

She found this side of him especially humane.

With a cigarette dangling in his mouth, bubbles covering his hands while dressed in a white shirt and black pants, he seemed upright and manly.

No one would have expected Young Master Qin to wash his own bed sheets.

Bo Jiu pressed down on her fingers, resisting the urge to give him a kiss.

She blushed, circling around him twice.

Qin Mo glanced up. Finished with the sheets, his fingers were dripping wet.

At that moment, Bo Jiu realized what a catch he was both on and off the bed.

She had to act appropriately because her inner desires threatened to leak out.

Bo Jiu’s desire was clear: to kidnap Qin Mo.

The Almighty was probably the only one kept in the dark.

“What were you thinking about when you circled around me?”

His sudden question made her feel an odd sense of guilt. She avoided his deep gaze, breaking into a smile with her two front teeth exposed. “Washing bed sheets doesn’t seem to match your persona.”

“I grew up in the army and have been washing my own bed sheets myself,” Qin Mo replied nonchalantly as though he was describing an everyday task.

He had been brought up well. Probably only an upright military background could nurture a child like the Almighty.

In the past, she had interacted with many children of powerful backgrounds, but there weren’t many like him.

Even though he was pampered, he was great at household chores.

But… He was in the army since young?

The Almighty seemed to have forgotten everything from back then.

What had happened to cause such a drastic change?

Selective amnesia wouldn’t have happened if there hadn’t been something traumatizing…