Chapter 880 - Once Turned Gray, It Is Not Easy to Turn White

Chapter 880: Once Turned Gray, It Is Not Easy to Turn White

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It started to get warmer outside.

At the same time, in a luxurious street located in Jiang City, a girl seemed extremely irritated as she ignored the people talking to her.

She had a habit of getting delivery, which explained the multiple delivery bags around.

There were two other people in the room.

One of them had a tattoo on his arm while the other was tall and slender with a wretched appearance.

“What are we going to do next? Aren’t the Chinese inexperienced in criminal investigation? Why are they so efficient this time? Even the car is being investigated. If they carried on with that track, it won’t be long before they get here.”

The man with a tattoo remained indifferent. “What are you afraid of? We have a backing after all. Haven’t you gotten it sorted out? With money, the trace can be eradicated easily, that’s very normal. Besides, it’s just a car. This time, it’s just a test to gauge their ability. Do you really think they can stop us? Don’t forget who’s in charge of the crime squad…”

“Enough.” The girl cut him off. “Rao Rong will be over soon, don’t tell him about these matters, including the reasons we are using You Hongliang.”

The tall, slender man chuckled. “Of course. It’s been such a long time. What haven’t we done before? Why can’t Rao Rong be more flexible?”

“I’ll work on him slowly, there’s still time and it hasn’t been long since he left esports. Hence, his heart still gravitates towards those older players. Wth the return, he seems to be wavering, but once a person turned gray, it wouldn’t be easy to turn white. Hehe, Rao Rong sure is naive, but let’s not talk about him anymore. Go ask around if there’s a new hacker in the crime squad and get his details, all of it.” A sinister glow lit up her eyes. “Get rid of the car. The traces aren’t substantial, but even if they manage to get us, we can just leave since we aren’t Chinese. As for the other matters, the higher-ups will settle it for us, so there isn’t much to worry about. Besides, I have good news: There will be a new criminal psychologist working for the crime squad.”

“Another one to hunt us down?” The tattooed guy frowned. “How are that good news?”

The girl chuckled. “You don’t understand. In China, the connections are rather complicated and even generals have to account for the bigger picture. The arrangement in personnel or to turn a blind eye is for a more harmonious interaction. The higher-ups mentioned that the new psychologist is here to gain credit since our operations have been rather large scale. Anyone who managed to catch us would be given major credit, but the main point is the additional person. Qin Mo will need more time with the arrangement of the man in the crime squad.”

The man’s eyes lit up. “You mean that Qin Mo’s powers might be taken away? But he is from the Qin family…”

“The Qin family wouldn’t interfere in such matters.” The girl interrupted. “It isn’t in the scope of their responsibility.”

The tattooed man was ecstatic. “That is indeed good news. This time, if it wasn’t for Qin Mo, You Hongliang would have escaped. Even if they had managed to arrest him, they wouldn’t have evidence. It’s a pity. This drug-carrying tool…”