Chapter 881 - Real Maiden’s Sacrifice

Chapter 881: Real Maiden’s Sacrifice

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The tall slender one shook his mouse, pausing slightly. “You guys should come and take a look at this, someone made an analysis on the forum to say that we aren’t Z, but an imposter.”

“Don’t bother about such comments.” She laughed scornfully. “If he’s truly good, he would be getting evidence. Heh, calling me an imposter? Are Z’s hacking skills a speciality?! These bunch of brainless fans. I have my own things, they’ll know when the time comes. Go do what you’re supposed to.”

After she was done, a man in a hooded jacket came walking in, his handsome face hard and hostile. “What exactly happened to You Hongliang?”

The tall and slender guy stood up. “Rao Rong, lower your volume, the situation outside isn’t great.”

“He didn’t just sleep with others, right?” Rao Rong’s eyes wavered. “What else did he do other than sleep with those women that deserved to die?”

The tattooed guy replied nonchalantly, “We just sent some goods out through him, it isn’t anything to be agitated about.”

“Goods?” Rao Rong eyes shuddered. “Drugs?” He turned towards the girl. “We promised to only punish those that deserve it. What’s the meaning of this?”

The girl glanced at him. Emptying her hands, her face was still as sweet as ever. “Don’t get so worked up. Rao Rong, don’t you know, we need money for everything. How else were you able to return to esports?”

Rao Rong clenched his hands tightly before loosening.

The girl watched his expression, breaking into a smile. “Alright, let’s not talk about this, you still have a competition tomorrow to prepare for. This is your favorite, the higher-ups have news that if you win this match, they’ll be able to earn and you’ll be able to stay in esports. The club has already prepared to renew your contract, so in the future, you won’t just compete, you’ll also be able to do livestreams.”

Rao Rong looked at her, retracting his hands. “I just want to compete.”

“Alright, alright, you can just compete.” The tall and slender guy interrupted him, his hand leaning on his shoulder as he coaxed him. “What’s wrong with the You Hongliang matter? If the women had been well behaved and hadn’t clung onto a rich guy, nothing would have happened. As for drugs, there will always be someone doing it. Now that the checks are more stringent, we can’t sell too many.”

Rao Rong turned around, his gaze as dark as his clothes. “I’ve told you, I don’t harm normal people unless they deserved to die.”

When he was done, Rao Rong pushed him aside, taking large strides out of the apartment.

“Pssh! Who does he think he is?!” The tattooed guy didn’t have the best temper. His eyes were blazing as he watched Rao Rong leave. “Why must we include such a person!”

The girl wasn’t happy either, but she was aware of the result she wanted. “Because of his identity and his understanding of Qin Mo’s strategy. A hundred crimes committed by a stranger wouldn’t be as impactful as someone close to you committing one crime. That’s the best way to deal with Qin Mo. Rao Rong is rather unstable at the moment and there are some matters you guys have to settle. Worsen the problems surrounding Spade Z, one of the main players in Supreme Alliance. It’s time we prepare for the real Maiden’s Sacrifice to let Qin Mo know how helpless he is concerning some matters.

In order to obtain something, you had to destroy first ━ and that meant for Qin Mo to have a taste of a pain he had never experienced before…