Chapter 882 - Eating What Her Pet Didn’t Like

Chapter 882: Eating What Her Pet Didn’t Like

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Rao Rong hadn’t calmed down even after leaving the apartment.

It was a pain that couldn’t be spoken of.

Leave? He couldn’t bear it as he really wanted to come back.

He wanted revenge, but it should be done in esports ━ against those who had mocked his abilities and those black-hearted investors.

However, he was starting to lose sight of what he was supposed to do.

The phone in his pocket kept ringing.

After Rao Rong had swiped it open, Lin Chentao’s voice was coming through. It was so enthusiastic there seemed to be warmth seeping out. “Captain, where are you? Everyone is waiting for you, hurry back and could you get me fried noodles on the way back? I’m afraid I’ll be hungry on the two hour train ride. Supreme Alliance is seated in another booth, I can only head over to find Spade Z after feeding myself. That way, I can win in terms of my presence!”

Rao Rong remained silent. He couldn’t explain it, but the usually annoying voice was suddenly soothing.

It was probably because there wasn’t anyone else who would think of him in such a manner.

Not a single person…

Rao Rong stuffed his hands into his pockets before speaking. His voice was hoarse. “I’ll be there soon.”

A laugh came from the other side. “Hurry, this is the National League after all.”

That was right, this was the National League, the National League his father had yearned to watch.

“Our Rao Rong, he games extremely well! He would definitely be able to win the championship for the Rao family.”

Every time he shut his eyes, that stone cold parting image would come to mind.

He didn’t believe that his father had commited suicide.

That day, he should have been waiting at home…

Rao Rong tightened his grip, the phone heating up along with his eyes. In the end, he kept his phone in his pockets and boarded a cab. His back view was sad and lonely.

Meanwhile, Lin Feng was also rushing others.

After a long while of hesitation, he finally made the call.

It was mainly because he still hadn’t heard from Little Spade. Before Captain had left the day before, he was filled with a demonic aura, so this call was practically a shot to his chest.

His task, to ensure the harmony of the team, wasn’t easy at all.

On the other end, meal time had just started at the Qin family’s house.

Using Bo Jiu’s words, the Qin family had always been particular about their meals. It wasn’t exactly luxurious, but had been made using local northern cooking styles, so just its appearance would stir up one’s appetite. The soy sauce beef was sliced into big chunks with chili oil at the side. The most refreshing eating method was to dip the beef into the oil before having a bite.

But a certain someone forbid her to eat anything spicy during this meal, allowing Madam Zhang to place the small bowl of chili far from her reach and beside the Almighty.

Bo Jiu couldn’t even dip some secretly. She leaned her elbows back lazily, her stance looking very much like a young master as her face was as handsome as ever, but just a little sulky.

Madam Zhang watched her, suppressing her laughter. In the end, she made a small spring onion wrap for the youngster along with some meat sauce and cucumber, so that she could roll them with the meat.

Only after that did Bo Jiu manage to steer her attention away from the chili. She ate with both elegance and a masculine vibe as she stuffed an entire wrap down her mouth.

Qin Mo arched his brows, placing food he didn’t like onto the youngster’s plate.

Bo Jiu wasn’t the least bit bothered, finishing everything just like when they were younger. Back then, she would finish all the carrots her pet didn’t like.

Madam Zhang shook her head. These children must be hungry.

Qin Mo enjoyed watching her current state. After the black hair was washed, her silver hair was back, looking furry and adorable under the sun rays.