Chapter 883 - Scared Lin Feng

Chapter 883: Scared Lin Feng

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Qin Mo’s phone was placed on the dining table while he scooped soup for the youngster.

At this moment, Lin Feng’s call came in.

When Bo Jiu caught sight of the caller, she paused, lifting her eyebrows mischievously. “It’s a call from Senior Lin…”

“Answer it.” Qin Mo didn’t bother emptying his hands while his handsome face remained nonchalant.

Bo Jiu bit onto her chopsticks, leaning over to pick up the call. “Hello.”

On the other end, Lin Feng was caught off guard.

Wait a minute, why did it sound like Little Spade?

Lin Feng pulled the phone aside to look at the number.

He didn’t dial wrongly, it was Captain’s number! They were together?!

A whirl of emotions stirred within him. How could they be together at this hour?!

The Fu family and Qin family weren’t neighbors like his and the Yun family. Weren’t they even an hour long car ride away?

Besides, wasn’t Captain fuming yesterday?

“Little Spade?” Lin Feng confirmed.

“It’s me,” she replied with a sly smile.

Lin Feng sighed. “You’re actually doing fine despite being near Captain!”

Bo Jiu arched a brow as she thought, I had even slept with your captain . But she wasn’t going to say it in front of the Almighty.

“We’re eating,” she added, indicating the bad timing.

Lin Feng got the message immediately. “You and Captain can head over to the high speed rail station after your meal, there will be a train at 2 pm. I’ll send the other details through WeChat.”

Bo Jiu was indeed curious about what Lin Feng wanted to say. The moment she switched on her phone, her WeChat started vibrating.

Qin Mo swept her a glance, having a faint idea on who the messages were from. He moved his deep glance away, allowing Lin Feng to bug her so that she would think twice the next time she wanted to leave without her battle gear.

“Little Spade, confess now, where did you go after the competition yesterday? You have no idea how angry Captain was, I was starting to wonder if he was going all out just to punish you.”

He didn’t just go all out, he hadn’t even allowed my dashingness to unleash itself fully. But those words couldn’t be said, hence, she decided to change the topic. “Why did you change your WeChat name?” Main attacker? Where was the attack?

“It’s because of Hu, f*ck, I suddenly realized how scary he can be.” Lin Feng paused. “Let me put it this way, previously, during our school examinations, everything seemed normal with me being first and him being second. How many years has it been? Ever since elementary school, it has been like this since he couldn’t solve certain bigger questions. But this morning, I saw his draft and all the bigger questions have been solved and they were all correct. What exactly was he thinking…”

Bo Jiu read the message. Since she had slept with the Almighty, there were certain fundamental thoughts she understood, hence, she sent a comforting message over. “Senior, it wasn’t easy for you to have escaped Almighty Yun’s wooing till this moment.”

Wasn’t it just like how she had treated the Almighty? To continuously give in since young had only been to finish him off in the end.

“That’s right, you have no idea…”Lin Feng paused, his tone increasing when he sensed something amiss. “What do you mean his wooing? It should be me wooing him!”