Chapter 884 - Rejection

Chapter 884: Rejection

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With your current state, did you really think that was possible?

Bo Jiu strongly doubted his willpower, but to help Almighty Yun, she decided to provide a suggestion. “You can try wooing him and see who is the one being seduced.”

Regardless of how naive he was, he still hadn’t intended to go so far because he still hadn’t forgotten what Yun Hu had been doing that day and how sad he looked.

How exactly had he grown? Lin Feng had secretly observed his meals to see what exactly he was taking in.

And he didn’t seem to have eaten any chives.

F*ck, if it became reality… No, that wasn’t possible!

Lin Feng replied irritably, “Why didn’t you test it out on Captain to see who is the one being seduced?”

“Is there a need for that?” Bo Jiu didn’t wish to brag that it was a done deal. “I’m still eating now, talk to you later.”

Lin Feng, the main attacker, said, “Wait a minute.”

“What is it?” Bo Jiu arched a brow.

Lin Feng coughed lightly. “There’s something that made me doubt my charisma.”

“Don’t worry, to Almighty Yun, you will still be charismatic even if you lay still without doing anything.” Bo Jiu had a mischievous smile on her face.

“I wasn’t referring to him, it’s someone else.”

Someone else? Bo Jiu paused. “Who is it?”

“A girl confessed to me recently and since she was so sincere, I couldn’t reject her.” It was clear he was bragging. “You have no idea. After I was informed of the matter, I have been in deep consideration on how to describe this matter so that you guys would believe I’m not bragging.”

You guys? Bo Jiu arched a brow. “How many people have you told this to?”

“I said it in the Alliance chat,” Lin Feng added, before sending a thug sticker over.

Bo Jiu broke into a smile. “I thought you would have persevered till after the competition, but now, Senior Ling, you’re just forcing it, I wish you best of luck. I’m going to head off with the Almighty.”

After being reminded by the youngster, Lin Feng was suddenly reminded of something. A certain someone had once warned him not to get a girlfriend during the National League as it would affect his emotions and the moment he got upset, his skills would drop… That had clearly been a threat.

As someone who cared for his team, he would have to reject her first, but it definitely wasn’t because he was afraid of someone.

That was what he would do.

Lin Feng took a while before replying her seriously, “As an esports player, gaming is my priority so I’m sorry, I’ll have to let down your love.”

After sending out the reply, Lin Feng took a look at the Alliance chat.

What made him uneasy was that even though Yun Hu was online, he hadn’t said a word.

Lin Feng took a moment before asking him gingerly.

He switched over to a private chat and asked, “Bro, how about a game?”

Yun Hu replied, “What game?”

He replied instantly? Did this mean that he had been watching his phone the entire time? Lin Feng grabbed a bunch of hair.

Yun Hu asked again, “What game?”

Lin Feng replied, “How about I compliment you and you return with another compliment?”

Yun Hu agreed. “Sure, you can start.”

Lin Feng started. “You are handsome.”

Yun Hu replied, “You have great taste.”

Lin Feng: “…”