Chapter 885 - Bent Lin Feng

Chapter 885: Bent Lin Feng

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Lin Feng wanted to flip the table!

Weren’t they supposed to exchange compliments?!

Bro, you were clearly prasing yourself, do you really think I’m dumb?! I can still analyze certain matters, alright?!

Just as Lin Feng was about to blow up, Yun Hu sent a message over. “I heard someone confessed to you?”

Lin Feng started to shrink internally as he proclaimed, “I’ve already rejected her.”

“Are you that happy about being confessed to?” Yun Hu’s eyes dimmed as he typed the message.

Denying wouldn’t be honest, hence, he admitted it coolly. “We’re both guys and it’s understandable to be happy about being confessed to.”

Yun Hu arched a brow before asking, “Is that it? Then why were you so moody when I confessed to you? We had even gotten into a fight.”

Lin Feng wanted to bolt when he read the reply.

That wasn’t the same! They confessed to be slept with by me, but you confessed to sleep with me! It was fundamentally different!

Before Lin Feng could express his thoughts, Yun Hu sent another message over. “Since you like being confessed to, I can do it everyday. But that is, if you can take it.”

Lin Feng was reminded of his confession. It… was enough!

He kept his phone, no longer willing to continue the conversation, but that didn’t seem to work out.

The moment he tossed the phone onto the table, he could hear his mother complimenting a certain someone from the dining area. “Hu, you’re better looking than before! This face is completely different from my Little Feng’s, it’s so defined and handsome!”

Lin Feng: “…”

He was good looking as well! Was he really her biological son?

“Are you guys going out of the city for the competition today? Good luck! And could you help me watch over Little Feng? There seems to be something on his mind recently.” Mother Lin was naturally beautiful, dressed in professional workwear. Even though she was over fifty years old, her skin was still fair and tender. That explained where Lin Feng got his good looks, but at this moment, Mother Lin seemed to have more to say.

Yun Hu has always been mature and with just one look, he could understand what she wanted to say. He slung his bag across a shoulder. His laptop and keyboard were inside, but it didn’t seem to weigh him down at all. Instead he stood tall and upright. “Did he do something to worry you?”

“Come over.” Mother Lin glanced around before bringing Yun Hu to a side, speaking to him in a hushed tone. “This afternoon, while I helped Little Feng pack his stuff, I accidentally came across a book. The book… It talked about the behavior and psychological analysis of those with unique sexual preference. I’ve heard that guys who enjoy gaming would often take up female characters, but I don’t think that would impact Little Feng’s sexual preference. What exactly do you think is wrong with that kid?”

Yun Hu pressed down on his bag strap, fully aware why he would be reading such books. Lin Feng was reading on his behalf, trying to seek out a cure.

“Auntie, you don’t have to worry, it’s probably just curiosity. But I’ll have a talk with him about it.”

Mother Lin finally broke into a smile. “I’ll be at ease with you counselling him.”

Faced with such a request, Yun Hu was more confused on how to take action.

Lin Feng came dashing down the stairs, his black pants rolled up to expose his lower thighs. His hairstyle was just like his temper, ruffled and manly. If it weren’t for his good genes, such a crude man would possess all the typical traits of a straight guy.

“Mom, those that aren’t aware would probably assume I’m adopted. If you really like Hu, get him to find a partner instead, stop bugging me.” Lin Feng leaped down, a gust of wind behind him, his bag half zipped and a bandaid on his face.

Mother Lin glanced at her son, and her facade fell through as she slapped his back. “Look at you, you’re already so grown up, can’t you behave more maturely? And compare yourself with Hu! How can you be so different when you’re both brothers that grew up in the courtyard?”

Lin Feng wanted to say something. Even though his mom looked exceptionally beautiful on the outside, it was all just a facade!

His mom had managed to take down his dad, who held a black belt in taekwondo. And how she had chased after him back in the day. Lin Feng didn’t wish to explain how painful her slap was, but he was on the verge of tears, alright!

Yun Hu pulled him behind his back, raising an arm as he watched the arm in front of him. “Auntie, we have to rush for the high speed rail at 2 pm, but don’t worry, I’ll watch over him.”

Mother Lin decided to let him off. As the versatile elite she was known as, she turned to face Yun Hu as a totally different person, motherly and warm. “Alright, I’ll leave Little Feng to you.”

Lin Feng wanted to tell her how this guy had been scheming to sleep with her son! This was indeed a tough battle!

Mother Lin was still worried, dragging her sloppy son aside. “I’m warning you, even if you…” Mother Lin paused, it didn’t seem like the right time to be so open, hence, she decided to take a more wholesome route. “Don’t just prey on anyone out of desperation and don’t bully Hu even though he is handsome, understand? Suppress yourself at night and don’t do anything inappropriate!”

Lin Feng couldn’t seem to comprehend her words. What did it mean to prey on someone from desperation? Had she misunderstood something?

But Mother Lin didn’t give her confused child any further explanation and turned her attention towards Hu, speaking in a hushed tone, “Treat the matter just now as a secret between the both of us, you should know how inflexible Little Feng has been. Now that he is in his twenties, his acceptance may not be very strong, but I can understand. He should be rather confused at the moment and there shouldn’t be a threat, but if he ever takes action on you, do let me know. If you can’t and have to retaliate, you can target his weak legs.”

Both the Lin family and the Feng family had been neighbors for many years, hence, Yun Hu was well acquainted with Mother Lin’s character. He arched his brow and asked, “Auntie, you mean there is a possibility that Lin Feng would take action on me?”

“I browsed through the book and they mentioned that these emotions are easily placed on those around them. Moreover, with your looks, I’m truly afraid Little Feng would…” Mother Lin shook her head before reminding him once more, “If he really dares, I’ll make sure he pays. You don’t have to give in even though he is older.”