Chapter 886 - His Nature

Chapter 886: His Nature

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There didn’t seem to be any change in his expression. His gaze was deep.

A trump card of Supreme Alliance indeed.

“Alright,” he replied calmly.

If he really did that to him, he would definitely give his fullest cooperation, so how could he take action?

He didn’t need to do anything. Even if he just allowed him to come close without any form of resistance, he would wish to fight to stay by him.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an easy task. Even though Lin Feng was naive, he was definitely straight.

It wasn’t just difficult.

If it hadn’t because of his identity, he would probably have taken a few blows that day.

He could only try his best to let Lin Feng accept him.

If it was still unsuccessful after the competition had ended… Yun Hu swept a quick glance at the guy who was still grabbing his hair.

Even though it would be hard, he would have to give up.

Lin Feng couldn’t read his mind and couldn’t hear their conversation, but before he left, his mother eyed him as though he was a wretched person. The threat within her eyes left him bewildered.

He was dressed so handsomely today and he didn’t do anything wrong recently, so what was up with his mom now?

There was definitely a misunderstanding.

Time trickled by slowly.

At 1.30 pm at the Jiang City Southern Station, the station wasn’t as crowded as the West Station because it was only operated by high speed trains.

However, the security area was still packed.

Bo Jiu and Qin Mo were both dressed in their pure black uniform. With their long legs and narrow waists, they both carried a different sort of allure, which caught the attention of passerby.

Ever since the day before, Bo Jiu hadn’t had the time to deal with her horrible dad and those ‘fans’, leaving them to Lawyer Bai.

But according to Lawyer Bai, Manager Feng had been dealing with those who defamed members of Supreme Alliance.

They had wanted to blow up the matter yesterday, so Manager Feng had gone for a passive approach, and had sent out an announcement regarding the infringement of rights, but hadn’t mentioned the incident.

Those without morals would just act more imprudently when given attention, much less to say those with ulterior motives, which intended to use him to spread their cause.

As long as Feng Yi ignored them, they wouldn’t be able to gain much hits.

They itched for a fight which could easily send their popularity through the roofs.

It’s a pity their plans were wrecked with a seasoned manager like Feng Yi, who had experience with such tricks.

Even though it would be troublesome, it hadn’t affected his intelligence.

Even sleep deprived, Manager Feng would still be seen as a smiling prince. The ability to please others was a strong trait of his. However, for this incident, dealing with the Fu family would be rather tricky since he wasn’t sure if only Su Mei knew about the matter or if Fu Zhongyi was also aware.

Manager Feng wasn’t entirely sure how to deal with the situation and had to consult his boss.

As a criminal psychologist, such an analysis wouldn’t be difficult for Qin Mo. He replied calmly, “If Fu Zhongyi knew about it, the situation would be different. He would have exposed it to the media. That’s how a greedy and profit minded businessman like him deals with the matter.”

Manager Feng couldn’t seem to understand. “This is the first time I’ve seen someone treat their biological child like this. Su Mei must have had a part to play in turning Fu Zhongyi into such a person.”

“Even without Su Mei, it is in his nature.” It was surprising that Qin hadn’t hung up the call. “A selfish and greedy womanizer who abandoned his wife.”

Deep in his mind, it didn’t seem surprising how Bo Jiu had turned out.

Her hacker skills and the desire to do something didn’t seem out of place.

Qin Mo glanced at the lounge area as she typed on the keyboard.

It still seemed odd…

Bo Jiu wasn’t aware that she was being scrutinized. With a lollipop in her mouth and a black cap over her silvery locks, she looked refreshed.

That sort of handsome appearance easily attracted the attention of the people around her.

Since she wasn’t a celebrity, she wasn’t that popular.

It wasn’t as though everyone recognized them because esports hadn’t obtained celebrity status.

However, her looks were too overpowering.

If Qin Mo’s face was well suited for a couture magazine, Bo Jiu’s face would be one with a lasting impression.

Back then, when Spade Z had first entered a competition, the media seeing her appearance and maneuvering started off with the words, “This youngster will definitely become popular.”

The words had indeed came true, she was extremely popular.

Even though she had been seated for only a few minutes, there was already a commotion, mainly from young girls.

Fortunately, the other members ━ and Xue Yaoyao in particular ━ caught sight of the crowd easily.

But Xue Yaoyao wasn’t the only one here, Jiang Zuo, the son of her mother’s new husband, was here as well.

Uncle Jiang had insisted for Jiang Zuo to send her over after their family meal. She had rejected twice, but on the third time, Jiang Zuo had taken the keys and left through the door.

As such, she could no longer reject his offer or their parents would have detected the issue between the both of them.

It wasn’t easy for peace to be regained at home.

Even though her mom didn’t mention it, Xue Yaoyao could tell that she was doing better.

The reason was probably that Jiang Zuo wasn’t impatient towards them.

That aside, no one should know of the matter between her and Jiang Zuo, especially with their current relationship.

Yesterday, when she had slept at the Jiang family’s house, Jiang Zuo had entered after the lights had been turned off.

They had made an agreement, including that he wouldn’t expose her.

Hence, their situation couldn’t be made known to their parents and he probably wouldn’t like Uncle Jiang to know it as well.

Xue Yaoyao knew what she was to him, but because of that, she couldn’t seem to understand why he wanted her even though there were so many girls who would be willing to sign that agreement with him.

Although she wasn’t sure, she had a vague idea since he had once said, “You wouldn’t harass me.”

That was probably what he saw in her.

Regardless of all, Xue Yaoyao had accepted the situation and she knew that the Jiang family was starting to look for a potential partner for him.

As such, the agreement might end prematurely…

At that moment, Bo Jiu caught sight of Xue Yaoyao and had reached out to signal towards her, a devilish smile on her face.

What was Young Master Jiang doing here?