Chapter 887 - Almighty Qin Pushed Jiu against the Wall

Chapter 887: Almighty Qin Pushed Jiu against the Wall

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Jiang Zuo saw the youngster’s action and his gaze dimmed when he saw Xue Yaoyao walking over.

Bo Jiu hadn’t forgotten the birthday incident, so she had deliberately acted intimately towards Yaoyao to make sure that Young Master Jiang knew she had someone behind her.

“How’s your preparation?” the youngster threw the other lollipop into her palm.

Xue Yaoyao smiled, cheering up instantly. “It’s alright, I’ll be able to cooperate with Feng Shang.”

“Still at the 5v5 position?” Bo Jiu arched her brow.

Xue Yaoyao wasn’t sure either. “I’m not sure of Almighty Qin’s arrangement.”

The arrangement would usually be made at the match itself, Her Highness Jiu should be aware.

Bo Jiu was indeed aware, but she had asked in order to appear more intimate. Once Xue Yaoyao was seated, Bo Jiu slouched her arms around her chair lazily. With her silver hair secured by a black cap and her long legs slightly lifted, she appeared suave and cool as she tilted her head to whisper to Xue Yaoyao.

That intimacy was a jarring sight for Jiang Zuo because he hadn’t forgotten the reason Xue Yaoyao had gotten together with him.

She was worried that he would help Wu Zhen investigate this Young Master Fu.

However, hadn’t thought of helping and would never have helped, it was purely to provoke this woman.

Jiang Zuo hadn’t expected that she was willing to do anything for the sake of that person…

Whenever he appeared, her entire being would be focused on him.

It was infuriating.

He clenched his fists tightly, the car keys imprinting a mark in his palm. When he finally loosened his grip, he stuffed his hands into his pockets and swept Qin Mo a glance. “I head off first, let’s have a drink when you’re back.”


When Xue Yaoyao turned, he was no longer there and Bo Jiu could finally ask what she had wanted to. “Why was he the one sending you over?”

“It wasn’t nice for him to reject since Uncle Jiang got him to do it.” Xue Yaoyao smiled. “He probably couldn’t take it anymore.”

“Is that so?” Bo Jiu lifted her lips into a sly smile. She wasn’t sure if it was deliberate, but when Jiang Zuo had turned and his palm had leaned onto Xue Yaoyao’s shoulders, he seemed to have lit up.

But when his calm gaze had swept past the both of them, it seemed to have deepened. Even the way he walked was no longer like the elegant Young Master from before as it radiated a chilliness.

Xue Yaoyao hadn’t noticed the darkness seeping out, but that didn’t mean Qin Mo hadn’t.

When he caught sight of the smile on the youngster’s lips and her position, he reached out to grab her collar without a moment’s hesitation. In a hushed tone, he said. “Follow me, we need to talk.”

Xue Yaoyao wanted to save Her Highness Jiu, but she didn’t dare because of the Almighty’s current aura.

Moreover, the youngster wore a faint smile on her lips when she shook her head.

Xue Yaoyao sat back down as she watched on with unease. The Almighty wouldn’t do anything harsh, right?

Since he had just ‘eaten’ her, he couldn’t treat her too harshly and it wasn’t a suitable location to ‘eat’ her again ━ but he could still teach her a lesson.

He grabbed her and with some force, pressed her against the wall, his right hand at one side as he lowered himself. His elegant and dashing face was tainted with a threat. “What were you doing just now?”