Chapter 888 - Kiss

Chapter 888: Kiss

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Bo Jiu arched a brow. Her fingers were moving and when she finally turned, her clothes slightly lifted from the wind. Her actions were suave and smooth as she swapped position with him. Her voice was both enticing and exciting. “You want to kiss?”

Qin Mo glanced at a certain someone who was pressing onto his shoulder, his perfect lids lowering. “Are you going to use such matters to avoid my question?”

“What question?” Bo Jiu studied his expression before acknowledging. “I was provoking Young Master Jiang so that Yaoyao wouldn’t be belittled in front of him. The upper society isn’t all that easy and I was thinking for my teammate. It wouldn’t be good if her emotions were affected, it’ll just affect her performance tomorrow.”

Qin Mo looked at her. “So you had your reasons?”

“Being humble is a virtue.” Bo Jiu smiled, enjoying how she was suppressing the Almighty.

Even though this position was temporarily out of sight, it wasn’t always hidden as there weren’t any blindspots in the railway station.

Those who passed would glance over subconsciously since curiosity was human nature.

They were probably wondering why a pretty man was pressing such an intimidating looking guy against the wall.

Bo Jiu enjoyed the audience since it showed that she was stronger than the Almighty in some ways.

Due to the height difference, Qin Mo had to glance down at the youngster. When his gaze caught her lifted lips, his voice seemed to calm. “Since that’s settled, let’s go back to the first question: What if I wanted it?”

“What do you want?”

Before Bo Jiu couldn’t react, her cap was pressed down and she seemed to be lifted up before the kiss.

His tongue entered, slightly cold with a faint tobacco scent and a force that could wipe out all the air.

Bo Jiu’s cap proved useful as it managed to conceal both their faces and the passersby left them alone.

To Bo Jiu, the kiss was so long that even her pulses started to dance.

When the sound of her pulse could be heart, his lips pressed on hers, planting two light kisses before replying to her question, “Kiss.”

Bo Jiu felt on the losing end because this wasn’t the kiss she had imagined. She had already pressed him on the wall, so shouldn’t she be the one taking charge?

That aside, the kiss had fortunately ended because it wasn’t just Supreme Alliance here. Lin Chentao’s team had also arrived.

Lin Feng had wanted to buy drinks at the vending machine when he stumbled upon this scene.

The naive him was stunned and had forgotten to move!

Qin Mo glanced over sideways, his gaze chilly.

Lin Feng immediately came back to his senses as he replied with utmost seriousness, “Cap-captain, I didn’t see anything, yo-you guys continue, continue!”

With that, he turned and bolted off, forsaking the mineral water in the vending machine.

His heart was thumping rapidly as though a thousand sheep were running amok.

Didn’t you know, imagination and reality were on two different levels.

Captain and Little Spade, two men… F*ck, this was a destructive scene to a straight man!

He felt his soul leave him. What exactly happened?!

But… Was it because of how handsome they both were? Because it had actually seemed like an eye nourishing scene.

Little Spade was indeed courageous, he had pulled Captain into the corner just to kiss him.

He admired such a courageous seductive spirit!