Chapter 889 - Unrestrained

Chapter 889: Unrestrained

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When Yun Hu saw Lin Feng, he was already in that state, seemingly in a daze with a blush on his face.

“Didn’t you buy water?”

With his reminder, Lin Feng finally remembered the mineral water he had forsaken, but he couldn’t tell him the reason. Hence, he leaned back onto his chair and shut his eyes. “I wasn’t thirsty anymore.”

The person who had been thirsty from the start wasn’t thirsty anymore?

Yun Hu arched a brow, but didn’t expose him.

When he glanced up and caught sight of Qin Mo and Bo Jiu walking over from the direction Lin Feng had came from, his voice seemed enlightened. “Did you see something you shouldn’t have?”

Everyone knew Lin Feng as a naive boy, who jumped at the slightest provocation. He bolted upright and when he his gaze met Yun Hu’s face, his lips in particular, he started to feel awkward. His voice was low. “What could I have seen?”

With that, he sat back down.

However, at that moment, someone came forward to expose him.

“Senior, you forgot your water.” Bo Jiu sat beside Lin Feng. Her voice was hushed. “Were you startled?”

Lin Feng wanted to retaliate, but when he met Yun Hu’s gaze, he tugged Little Spade backwards. “When did you and Captain progress so quickly? You guys are already kissing now!”

“You must have mistaken.” Bo Jiu arched a brow. “The Almighty had been warning me not to go around seducing others.”

Lin Feng pouted. “I was mistaken? Do you really think I’m blind? A kiss is a kiss, my acceptance isn’t that bad, but how exactly did you manage to take down Captain? That’s incredible.”

“Why?” Bo Jiu chuckled. “Are you going to use my methods on Almighty Yun?”

Lin Feng covered her mouth. “Don’t sprout nonsense.”

“Calm down, it’s just a joke.” Bo Jiu pushed his hand aside, a sly smile on her face.

How was that a joke?

Lin Feng didn’t feel comfortable with the two of them in front of her.

Why aren’t the ticketing officers here yet? He decided that he would sit with anyone but Yun Hu or the weird images would just flood his mind!

Lin Chentao and his team sat on the other end of the cabin.

They were arranged differently from Supreme Alliance because they sat in a row, dressed in the same attire and sitting in the same position. They seemed formidable with both the club manager and assistant following them.

However, the air was too stiff. Even a chatterbox like Lin Chentao hadn’t walked over to greet Bo Jiu and the others, gracing them with only a glance.

That glance seemed to hold an entire conversation, which seemed painful to a chatterbox like him.

Bo Jiu stuffed a hand into her pocket, a lollipop dangling in her mouth. When she bit down, she realized that her lips were swollen. She licked them slightly, stretching her back when the Almighty glanced over.

She had always lived an unrestrained life and couldn’t get used to the restricted professional esports players because their styles were worlds apart.

Initially, Bo Jiu didn’t think Lin Chentao could be raised in such a team, but she seemed to have been mistaken.

The team had started to shout their names and the latecomers were probably subjected to harsh punishments.

Even Lin Chentao had turned solemn, much less to say the suspect she had her eyes on: a member of the three Masters of Esports, Rao Rong, who was also reputed to be a formidable captain…