Chapter 89

Chapter 89: Face Slapping? Need Your Brother To Control the Situation For You?

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The weather turned chilly with the onset of autumn.

It was cold riding a skateboard outside.

When Fu Jiu entered the bar, she directly straightened up her collar.

The youngster was here when the machines broke the last time, so the boss of the internet café had a deep impression of Fu Jiu.

“Half an hour again this time?” The boss smoked a cigarette with his head down, busily doing something else. “No need for a deposit. That one is open, just go ahead.”

Fu Jiu found the boss interesting when she first met him, so she had come back to the same bar a second time. “It will be a little longer this time—until 12, so give me a good one.”

“Doing what? Playing computer games?” The boss lifted his head. His jawline looked quite cool.

“Hmm.” Fu Jiu’s mouth was half-frowning, and her eyes were still cold.

“Alright, No. 19 of Section A, what are you going to play? I heard that there will be a good team live streaming Hero. You can have a look.”

Fu Jiu smiled. “That is what I am going to watch.”

“Oh?” The boss didn’t seem to understand. He only felt that the youngster’s face looked extremely cold.

It was not a small café, but it did not take long for Fu Jiu to go down the rows and sit at her designated computer. She immediately switched on the computer and logged into the game. She then took a glance at the rankings.

Using a code injection, she directly locked onto the locations of the three.

In the past, Liang Xuguang; Zhang Yingchao, and Nie Xu all used nicknames while gaming, but after signing with companies, they now used their real names to attract more live stream fans.

Fu Jiu looked at the time on the computer. It was still half an hour before the live stream began.

The time was enough for her to breach the firewall outside.

Fu Jiu squinted her eyes.

Sounds of “Kaka, ta-dah..” could be heard.

A pair of nice and fair hands were gliding over the white keyboard, producing what sounded like a light piece of music with her percussive taps.

The boss of the internet café who came over with the lollipops that the youngster requested noticed her performance.

“Wow, your APM is pretty good, but what are you doing?”

Fu Jiu swiftly changed the window and went to the game page. She hooked her lips as she said, “Nothing. I just did some English homework.”

“Doing homework on the computer?” The boss thought that it was interesting, so he chatted with Fu Jiu much more, “You also play Hero. There are competitions in the café, and winners can get a bonus. Do you want to sign up?”

Fu Jiu dismantled a lollipop into her mouth and smiled lazily. “I can’t play well.”

“It really is a pity. I saw your APM, it was not bad…” Shaking his head, the boss walked away. But there were doubts in his mind. Why did the English letters look strange and why were they mingled with numbers? Was he not able to catch up with the times because he didn’t go to the school for a long time?

When nobody was around, Fu Jiu pulled the code up again. As her silver hair slightly swayed, she directly invaded the live stream room.

She was about to take action when her mobile phone rang. It was a WeChat message from Qin Mo: “Where are you?”

“Internet café,” Fu Jiu replied without thinking twice.

Qin Mo sat on the office chair, and he lifted his eyebrows. “I meant, where are you in-game?”

“I can’t play today. I have something to tend to,” Fu Jiu typed quickly.

Qin Mo’s deep eyes sank. “Someone annoyed you again, so you went to the internet café to dispose of him? Just like with Director Zhang the last time?”

Fu Jiu turned her head and replied with a voice message, “Don’t say that, Brother Mo. I just want to play a game with others.”

“Who do you want to play with?” Qin Mo put down the contract with a faint smile on his face. After a second, he sent another line of text back, “Do you need me to control the situation?”