Chapter 890 - Safe

Chapter 890: Safe

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Rao Rong seemed just as he was before, seated in front of the team and respected by the majority of them, especially by Lin Chentao, who was overly dependent on him.

By why did such a person seem sketchy? Was his occurrence in the theater yesterday really a coincidence?

Bo Jiu wondered about this as her gaze caught his.

Amidst the crowd, Rao Rong’s eyes were dark, probably because he had detected someone watching him.

Bo Jiu smiled calmly.

There wasn’t any emotion on Rao Rong’s face. He looked aside and lowered his gaze.

He had never thought about guarding against Bo Jiu, regardless of which level it was and his defences were all only against Qin Mo.

After the incident yesterday, Rao Rong finally had an idea how dangerous the criminal profiling was to them…

Rao Rong wasn’t in the best mood, but had kept everything hidden even though he was frustrated by the uncertainty.

His phone rang, the unique sound indicating the sender.

He didn’t check his phone, instead, he was watching his manager brief the other members on the procedures.

Even an established team wasn’t always smooth sailing.

One example was the matches since all the battle arrangements were decided by the club’s coach and higher-ups.

For the first match, the 1v1, everyone assumed that Rao Rong would be battling since he was the only one who could be compared with Qin Mo.

However, the club wasn’t aware and had handed the 1v1 match over to the youngest player, who always played the warrior character.

His eyes lit up. When his gaze swept past Rao Rong, he lifted his chin, accepting the arduous task.

Lin Chentao wanted to bolt up, but Rao Rong reached out to stop him. His voice was calm as he spoke, “Don’t let Supreme Alliance see hostility within the team.”

Lin Chentao tightened his fists, he tilted his head aside and threw a blow.

He never expected his captain to be endure such treatment.

How could the newbie fight a 1v1? Because his father was an investor?

Lin Chentao was infuriated, anger seeping out from within as his eyes blazed, but he remained silent.

Sometimes even in esports, someone had to sacrifice for the team to go on and that person would always be the biggest contributor of the team.

The atmosphere wasn’t good for long.

Fortunately, the ticketing had begun, preventing the situation from escalating.

Rao Rong stood up, with the other teammates following behind.

The two teams met at the entrance, a spark igniting before the competition had even began, as they eyed each other.

Both Captains weren’t weak and the same went for the teammates.

These were the most anticipated matches in the National League thus far: the battle between Rao Rong and Qin Mo, and Lin Chentao and Bo Jiu.

Who was the strongest Captain? And who was the strongest Assassin?

Which team was more qualified to compete against Xiangnan?

This was going to be a crucial match!

Since both teams had a strong presence and were filled with young adults, it was nourishing to the eyes and many of the passengers turned to look at them.

In contrast, Supreme Alliance wasn’t bounded by rules and regulations.

Qin Mo spoke, “Let’s go.”

With that, the team took off, the words ‘Supreme Alliance’ flying in the sky, filled with passion.