Chapter 892 - Try Kissing

Chapter 892: Try Kissing

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“Try-try what?” Lin Feng coughed heavily. His expression was showing his masculinity. F*ck, why was he stuttering like Baby Feng in such a moment? He had to show his imposing figure!

Yun Hu arched a brow. “What else can we try? Since you are so bothered by it, you can try it for yourself. Besides, you should still have had your first kiss, right?”

Lin Feng wanted to flip the table. “Who are you looking down on? Who said I haven’t had my first kiss, I’m someone with girlfriends!”

Everyone was clear of his previous girlfriends’ intentions, they had approached him with Yun Hu in mind.

The last time he had broken up was because he saw his girlfriend hugging Yun Hu, her lifted jaws about to kiss Yun Hu’s chin.

Even then, he still had to maintain his composure!

Yun Hu’s eyes started to dim, even his voice seemed off. “You don’t have it anymore? Who was it?”

“That’s none of your concern!” Lin Feng replied seriously. “Don’t blame your brother here for not teaching you well, we’re about to compete soon so stop thinking of such weird things!”

However, that wasn’t the answer Yun Hu was looking for. “Who was it?”

Lin Feng started to glance around. As a straight guy, he couldn’t just admit defeat in front of another guy, hence, he decided to lie his way through. “The girl that wanted to seduce you.”

“Her?” Yun Hu retracted his gaze, his fingers tightening.

Lin Feng sighed internally. It would be embarrassing if someone managed to see through his facade.

If Bo Jiu were here, she would definitely say, “Naive Lin Feng must be provoking someone into seducing him.”

It was a pity that he wasn’t aware of this fact. After the conversation, he wasn’t the least bit bothered as he turned and fell straight asleep.

The washroom in the high speed train was usually clean, especially since Jiang City was the first stop.

Even if it wasn’t clean, Bo Jiu still had to stay inside in order to receive a message that wasn’t suited to be opened in front of the Almighty.

Thus she was forced to hide away in the washroom. Bo Jiu looked at her phone, reading the contents of the email about Rao Rong, including his birth records and his father’s death.

Bo Jiu paused, her eyes darkening before replying, “Focus on his father’s death, there seems to be an issue there.”

In a high-rise apartment in the city center on the screen of a computer, there was a Hero 5v5 match, an assassin dressed in red clothes wielded a long sword.

There was an announcement of four deaths. The assassin jumped backwards, away from those chasing him. Even his shadows couldn’t be touched. He glanced down at the lit up phone screen and seemed to have smiled, his face clean and fingers moving as he replied, “Alright.”

On the first page of the game, someone asked, “The Almighty, wait a minute, can we be friends?”

Hoshino had already left the game, his fingers tapping away on the keyboard, entering an unknown chat.

No one knew about the existence of the chat as all the IP addresses were hidden and the perfect firewall had been planted.

It could hide away from all the surveillance because this was a firewall created by Z herself.

The chat had once been a channel Z had used to receive information.

The Young Master of the hacker world had never been simple after all.