Chapter 893 - Replace Z

Chapter 893: Replace Z

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Just like before, Hoshino contacted a hacker on the inside to obtain information.

Over here, rewards weren’t in monetary form, but came in any form the hacker required, such as protection.

The real network balance had to be protected, so you wouldn’t know what some of the hackers are in real life.

They could be a working mother, a cashier who was constantly in contact with the keyboard, or even a nerd enjoying playing computer games.

Today, the chat was slightly different though.

As it had been some time since Z’s account had been activated, the revival caused a stir.

The person who appeared recently, was that really Z?

Some said it was while others disagreed, splitting the opinions into two extremes.

Hoshino read the contents, but hadn’t planned to say anything.

Even though this was a world belonging to hackers, not everyone there was harmless.

Thus after casting his web, he left without a word.

There was another rule, which said that both parties had to keep things confidential.

Even though there were all sorts of people, none of them dared to leak anything.

The moment information was leaked out, the culprit would have to face the wrath of the entire hacker community. This world was, after all, where they could live freely in spite of their real lives. Maintaining secrecy was a matter of principle.

Previously, someone had infringed the rule, leaking out information, which led Z to create the firewall. At that time, no one could trace the real IP addresses other than Z.

That year, Z hadn’t been kind to the culprit, and once he had been tracked, necessary actions had been taken against him.

The culprit had been considered an executioner to the hackers. In order to receive benefits, he hadn’t cared about the lives he had sacrificed.

This culprit wasn’t a stranger as he was the girl’s brother ━ the girl who was imitating Z.

Hence, it wasn’t possible for the girl not to be in the chat.

She was smart and hadn’t acted impulsively, but once she became Z, the situation would change. She would become the master of this world, who had the rights to take in any information here.

She had to be patient.

Even though she wanted to take action on those under-skilled hackers who were questioning her skills, she had to endure because she knew that right now wasn’t the right time.

She had been preparing for many years.

She had wanted to start with impersonating and once the time was ripe, she could thoroughly replace…

There were more news in the chat.

Time trickled by slowly.

Meanwhile, Bo Jiu left the bathroom on her end and bumped straight into Qin Mo.

There was always a meaning behind the Almighty’s words.

This time, he swept her a glance. “I thought you were going to be inside for the entire trip before disappearing.”

Bo Jiu chuckled. “Brother Mo, you’re overthinking, my stomach isn’t feeling too good.”

“Is that so?” Qin Mo retracted his gaze, straightening as his eyes dimmed.

Bo Jiu had once mentioned that whenever the Almighty said, “Is that so”, it meant that he never believed her words.

It seemed like the Almighty’s suspicion hadn’t been eliminated, so she had to pay attention the next time she contacted Hoshino.

Nothing else happened for the rest of the journey as everyone was taking a nap, which seemed inevitable at such an hour.

Qin Mo sat beside the youngster and glanced at her, his eyes suddenly darkening. He didn’t say anything as he reached for her hand though.

Bo Jiu was half awake, but it wasn’t possible for her to retract her hand. She couldn’t seem to beat the sleepiness and when she tilted her head, it landed onto Qin Mo’s shoulder.

This was a common scene, so the Supreme Alliance members were already used to it.

However, Xue Yaoyao managed to detect the slight difference.

It seems as if they had grown closer, but at the same time, Almighty Qin seemed to have a much tighter control over Her Highness Jiu.

At 4 pm, they were finally at their stop.

As the Supreme Alliance members strolled out lazily, Lin Chentao’s team was already at the exit.

This was probably the difference between a team which was accompanied by commercial managers and a team without.

A high end commercial van came to pick them up.

Lin Feng seemed more daring than before as he turned towards Bo Jiu. In a hushed voice, he asked, “Little Spade, why aren’t you sitting on Captain’s thighs this time? You should cherish the opportunity.”

Bo Jiu ate her lollipop, her lips curved upwards. She was looking mischievous. “Forget about me, Senior Lin, you should sit on Almighty Yun’s thighs to save some space. You kept glancing over at Almighty Yun, wasn’t it to look for a chance to take action?”

“F*ck, I’m a straight guy, what is there to take action on!” Lin Feng looked away when he replied. He hadn’t intended to look for Yun Hu, but in his mind, he had indeed wondered how someone like Yun Hu would look like when he kissed.

It was all because this youngster in front of him had pushed their captain against the wall forcefully and with such a stance. More importantly, it was because he had witnessed it!

Lin Feng made up his mind to stay away from both Little Spade and his captain. What if he accidentally got used to it after watching it too many times? No, that wasn’t right! How could a straight guy like him get used to such an image?!

The naive Lin Feng grabbed a wad of his hair, feeling frustrated.

Bo Jiu smiled slyly. Did he really think her dark history could be mentioned with such ease?

Yun Hu didn’t save him this time because it was time for a certain someone to gain some exposure in this area, so that he wouldn’t give his kiss to others so casually.

Every time he imagined those lips kissing someone else, those arms hugging someone else, he would feel upset regardless of how much he tried to convince himself.

Perhaps, this was how falling for a straight guy felt like ━ he would never fall for him.

Even though he would endure for his brother’s sake, his tolerance wouldn’t last forever and would probably run out with time.

Yun Hu clenched his fists as he looked out the window silently, his jaws tight.

Supreme Alliance was staying in an established local hotel, which was Manager Feng’s most successful point. Even though he couldn’t be there personally, he made sure everything else was perfect.

For instance, the hotel was beside a mountain with its own natural hot spring.

Anyone aware would want to destress in the hot spring and Bo Jiu was no exception.

However, the moment she took a step, someone held onto her collar.

It was Qin Mo with his nonchalant profile and his faint voice. “You guys go ahead, Little Spade is going with me.”