Chapter 894 - You Lost

Chapter 894: You Lost

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Lin Feng’s was about to put his arms around the youngster’s shoulders, but after his captain’s instructions, he immediately retracted his arm.

The others glanced up at the ceiling in silence.

Since the hot springs were all in private rooms, their thoughts started to fly.

Qin Mo didn’t bother looking at their expressions. He grabbed Bo Jiu’s collar and entered the other elevator.

Didn’t she know how easily she would be exposed by taking a hot spring with them? How did she manage to conceal her identity for such a long time with that sort of self-awareness?

Qin Mo glanced down at her face, and indeed, she didn’t look like a girl, mainly because of how handsome she was and that mischievous vibe she had. Even though she was being tugged, she still wasn’t behaving.

“Brother Mo, are the hot springs all located halfway up the mountains in the backyard?” Bo Jiu wanted to play with the others, and her newest entertainment was teasing Senior Lin. If she were to just leave with the Almighty, it would be letting him off too easily.

Qin Mo glanced at the level they were on. His face was dashing as always. “They have a high-end consumer area, the hot spring is on the balcony.”

“It’s going to be expensive.” Bo Jiu shook her head, but deep inside, she was gleaming at the thought of using his money.

The elevator paused and Qin Mo took a step out. His voice was calm as he spoke, “It’s alright, you can pay.”

Bo Jiu: …

“Aren’t you coming?” Qin Mo arched a brow.

Bo Jiu decided to take the chance to educate the Almighty. “Brother Mo, it’s good to be frugal.”

“That’s why you are paying.” Qin Mo held her hand. “Your Highness Jiu.”

Bo Jiu didn’t wish to explain how she felt about the term ‘Highness Jiu’. Since she had planted the seeds, she would have to reap what she sowed.

The rooms were indeed worthy of their high price because their room was entirely made out of wood with floor-to-ceiling windows and the hot spring was covering the whole balcony.

It was still too early to enjoy the hot spring, though.

However, the hot spring wasn’t Qin Mo’s only intention.

He pulled the zip on his jacket, glancing over at the youngster. His defined features were ravishing. “How about a 1v1?”

The Almighty wanted a match against her? That was a rare opportunity, so Bo Jiu sat down and stretched out her legs as she broke into a devilish smile. “Sure.”

Battling with the Almighty both in reality and in the game was a joy.

Therefore, they both brought their laptops.

There were usually large tables placed in luxurious suites. Beside the hot spring was a large dining table with a bottle of red wine and a pretty fruit platter. Of course, a hotel like this would use only the freshest ingredients.

Even though it was an open-air space, there wasn’t a hint of dust.

The weather was great, hence, they settled at the dining table, facing each other as they entered the game.

Bo Jiu smiled while choosing her character.

It wasn’t the same character she had used for their previous 1v1.

There were many different assassins in Hero. Thus, even though her choice still fell on an assassin, she chose the Sith Assassin, which didn’t have the ability to turn invisible, this time.

She had made the decision because invisibility wasn’t going to be useful against the Almighty.

He would be able to notice her whenever she was near after all, which made the hunting effect useless.

Once the invisibility was exposed, the character was considered useless, hence, it would be better to choose this straightforward character.

When Qin Mo saw her choice, he didn’t show much emotion, but an enigmatic smile was playing on his lips.

When the music started, they began at the same time.

They weren’t using the orthodox methods because both of them disappeared from the map the moment they left the city walls.

Even though he couldn’t be seen, it didn’t mean he was gone. Based on the Almighty’s playing style, he was definitely fighting blue and red beasts in the bushes to grow stronger ━ an essential for assassins.

Bo Jiu glanced at the map. She held onto a large sword as she glided through the wilderness, moving quickly and almost without a trace.

Qin Mo moved without a trace as well.

The outcome for this match couldn’t be predicted.

If it was taken online, there would definitely be a large crowd watching.

Although it wasn’t online, there was still an audience because at the beginning, a little guy had entered accidentally.

Since there were already challenges in the PK arena, he decided to enter and watch.

The moment he entered, he was hooked because of their ID.

One of them was Spade Z and the other was Qin Mo?! Was that for real?

He watched in disbelief, inviting his friends over.

“Do you think this is real?”

The invite exploded!

“F*ck! Two professional Almighties!”

“Spade Z and Almighty Qin are having a duel? A 1v1?”

“Ahhhh! My two husbands are having a PK over me, which one should I marry?”

“The one upstairs… Wipe your sweat.”

“Stop making a fuss, send me the PK location, I want to watch.”

Just like that, a huge crowd started to gather.

There weren’t many players at this time and not many people were informed.

Hence, it wasn’t as many people as if they had gone online.

“Wait a minute? Almighty Qin is really challenging Spade Z? Why isn’t there anyone on the map?”

“Newcomer, you should change the visual map to either Almighty Qin or Big Spade’s.”

With this advice, the audience started to move their screens around towards Qin Mo’s screen, which meant that they were able to see whatever Qin Mo was seeing. And at that moment, they realized that both characters were on the map, but they were moving too quickly, every movement hidden in the bushes without a moment of rest. Their locations were all the places beasts congregated.

They must be extremely familiar with the map in order to move in such a manner.

“I don’t even know where to go in the jungle and often bump into walls.”

“Bump into walls…”

“Cough, cough, I’m sure everyone has experienced that before.”

“No explanation needed, but Almighty Qin’s maneuvering is indeed beautiful. How exactly did he move in such a manner? There are barely traces of his movements on the map, it’s like he is hidden.”

“It isn’t just because of his hand speed, right? Other than the character he is using, he has to be well versed with the map. How many times has he played Hero to be able to do this?”

“It has nothing to do with the number of times, I have played for many years and I’m still not able to play in this manner.”

“Brother, that’s Almighty Qin.”

With that, the questions seemed to have been answered.

No time was wasted even when he killed beasts. He hadn’t forgotten to kill a group of army while moving through the walls to the middle lane.

“Honestly, who do you guys think will win?”

“Definitely Almighty Qin, is there even a need to ask this?”

But the moment he replied, a row of words appeared on the screen. ‘The Tyrant King has just been killed by Spade Z.’

Everyone who played Hero knew that killing off the Tyrant King would allow the character’s experience to increase by a few folds.

“F*ck, he killed the Tyrant King so early into the game?”

“Big Spade has always been formidable in battling jungle beasts, he’ll kill anything in sight! So what if he doesn’t have blue or red beasts, we still have the Tyrant King!”

“Wait a minute, what is Big Spade planning to do? Hiding somewhere without anyone?”

But was there really no one?

Someone suddenly appeared on the originally empty map.

Qin Mo!

Everyone knew masters battled in the jungle!

Now that they met, was the battle going to start?!

But this time, they thought wrongly because Spade Z remained stationary.

She hid in the bushes as though she had been disconnected.

“What’s up with him?”

“What else? He’s planning to snatch the other Beast King.”

“The battle between Almighty Qin and Big Spade is mainly about fighting the beasts.”

“How else where they able to clear the opponent’s wilderness during the competition?”

“At this rate, is Almighty Qin going to get caught?”

From Qin Mo’s angle, he wasn’t able to see where Spade Z was.

They had the same equipment, both using blood sucking and secured gears in order to prevent being killed by the Big Boss while killing the beasts.

When the Boss was wounded, the Hero character would be healed.

However, there was still a chance at being heavily wounded when hunting for the Big Boss at such a moment.

According to the current tempo, when both the Boss and Qin Mo were badly wounded, Spade Z would jump out and finish both of them. It would be killing two birds with one stone.

Even if she didn’t kill two birds, Qin Mo would have to hide from Spade Z’s attack, forsaking his kill.

Naturally, the kill would end up in Spade Z’s hands this way.

“I thought both of them would engage in a PK, but from the looks of things, skilled players don’t go straight on, right?”

“They wouldn’t be able to compare skills if they battled it out from the start.”

Indeed, Hero was more interesting than other games mainly because it wasn’t purely on brute force, but required tactics and planning instead. How they moved, how they attacked, the timing of their attacks and retreats ━ everything had to be considered.

On the screen, both Qin Mo and the beast were left with half of their HP.

They were still dropping in HP.

The audience held their breaths, as they watched the scene they had been waiting for.

Simply said, they were waiting for Spade Z to show himself.

Those using an assassin are aware of how crucial the formidable big move and the execution were!

“Here it comes!”

With that, the audience sunk into a chorus of nervous breathing. Their eyes were fixed on the main page with glowing intensity!

The concealed Spade Z had finally moved!

On the other end, Qin Mo was heavily wounded and even the beast was on the verge of death.

This was a great opportunity!

Bo Jiu narrowed her eyes, her long fingers coming to live, moving so quickly they couldn’t make out the figure.

That was the effect of her speed.

Even though Spade Z had always been raved about, no one had seen the real life action.

But now, with her dash, it seemed like a leopard going for its kill. It was then that they realized how extraordinary the speed was.

This time, Almighty Qin was probably going to get caught!

But was it true?

The moment Spade Z bolted out, Qin Mo seemed to have predicted everything, jumping over the wall!

“Hunting failed?!”

The audience reacted agitatedly, gripping tight onto the table and sticking close to the computer screen.

“F*ck! How did Almighty Qin do that?!”

“That jump is perfect, no one can catch that! Almighty Qin has perfect control over the timing, it was just right to avoid being caught!”

“Wait a minute, it isn’t over!”

Indeed, the moment she entered the boss’s den, she knew she had been tricked by the Almighty.

With that jump, the anger and hatred from the boss were all sent in her direction.

More than half of her HP were gone, but that wasn’t the main point because the Almighty came back and finished off with his Three Thousand Knife Cutting move!

That white and long figure came back like a light ray.

A massive silvery glow engulfed the screen, it was a stunning sight to behold.

If it had been anyone else, they would have died from the attack.

But it was Bo Jiu after all. Even though she was trapped, she could still execute a beautiful retaliation, and when both weapons came into contact, a spark ignited.

They moved at an unimaginable speed, allowing her to avoid the Three Thousand Knife Cutting!

No one could see how Spade Z moved, but in that flurry of movements, an insanely cool image impact was shown.

They never knew a character could be played so beautifully, so they were left in awe.

“Beautiful dodge!” the crowd exclaimed.

“There’s still a chance!”

As long as Spade Z still had HP, escaping wasn’t difficult, but Qin Mo wasn’t going to let her off easily.

He didn’t have his big moves at the moment and normal attacks weren’t going to work on Spade Z.

Qin Mo moved, going straight for the fully healed boss before retreating swiftly.

“Is he for real, how can he be fighting beasts at this moment?”

Just as the question was asked, a heavily wounded Spade Z jumped from the walls. The infuriated boss struck her aggressively, finishing her off and leaving her collapsed on the ground.

Everyone was stunned.

They needed to have a discussion!

“Almighty Qin did it on purpose for the boss to attack Spade Z?”

“F*ck! This is the first time I’ve seen such a tactic!”

“Besides, Big Spade was the one waiting to catch him, but in the end, he was trapped by Almighty Qin?”

But that wasn’t a trap , Bo Jiu thought as she watched her collapsed character. When she moved her silvery hair and glanced up, she wasn’t the least bit upset from the loss. Instead, when she looked up at Qin Mo, her eyes had darkened.

Qin Mo looked straight at her. “Speed isn’t the only factor in Hero.”

The competitive spirit within her blazed. “Let’s have another match.”

Qin Mo didn’t agree, Instead, he stood up with a hand in his pocket as he spoke leisurely, “Take off your clothes.”

Bo Jiu lifted a brow in confusion.

“It’s time to soak in the hot spring, besides… You lost.”

Bo Jiu: … You hadn’t mentioned the wager before the competition!