Chapter 895 - Soaking in the Hot Spring Together

Chapter 895: Soaking in the Hot Spring Together

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The youngster’s first reaction was to retreat since any other option would lead her deeper into the Almighty’s trap.

Bo Jiu had always been agile. Thus her long legs stepped onto the chair skillfully and backed away from an obstruction before she glided towards the door. Her movements were suave.

Qin Mo lowered his lids. As he wasn’t in a rush, he sipped his water leisurely before placing the bottle of mineral water aside. He glanced up, watching her back view with a gleam in his eyes.

When Bo Jiu reached the door knob, her lips twitched. When had the Almighty locked the door? When they came in?

She turned back at him.

Qin Mo stood behind her, tall and upright with an arched brow. “Are you stripping by yourself or should I help you with it?”

What sort of option was that? Regardless, she wouldn’t be the one at an advantage. Bo Jiu smiled, strolling over. “Why don’t we change the bet, let me take off your clothes, Brother Mo?”

Qin Mo paused, raising his lids slowly. His eyes were darkening as he watched her come close. “That’s up to you.”

“Let’s start.” Bo Jiu lifted her lips. Rather than removing her own clothes, she would benefit more by removing the Almighty’s clothes.

She seemed to be the one at an advantage.

However, the situation started to shift as it progressed.

Everything was fine when she just started removing his clothes, especially when she took off his top, Bo Jiu’s hands moved about freely, experiencing his tight and defined abs.

The Almighty had a perfect figure.

But when he sat there, allowing her to do as she pleased, he seemed to radiate an elegance and sexual aura which far surpassed the greatness of his figure, especially in his position.

Bo Jiu glanced down at herself, reprimanding herself about her impatience. She should have rolled his shirt up gently before tugging it over his head.

Qin Mo shook his head gently and lowered his deep eyes, looking sexy and suave as his dark hair swayed.


That was her first reaction.

Bo Jiu wasn’t always awestruck because someone as narcissistic as her would always find her own reflection the most appealing.

However, at this moment, she couldn’t help being struck.

“Like what you see?” a deep and smooth voice asked.

“Very much,” Bo Jiu replied. She even nodded and seemed to be in deep thought. Sleeping with the Almighty was indeed to her advantage.

Qin Mo smiled mesmerizing and tempting, an elegance flowing beneath his eyes. It was truly a sight to behold.

His hair was ruffled and his pushed up top exposed his defined lines. On the bottom was a pair of long black pants. Qin Mo sat beside the computer. He wasn’t just handsome, his entire being was drowning in an indescribable sexiness.

On the other end, Bo Jiu sighed, contemplating on the favor he got during the creation of his being. Qin Mo held onto her hand, tugging her over. He spoke leisurely, “You have to deal with the bottom now.”

He wanted her to remove it.

When Bo Jiu’s hands were being guided towards his black belt, she had sensed something amiss.

If she was going to remove his pants, she had to… Bo Jiu widened her eyes, thinking of a back-up plan.

Qin Mo went straight for her waist, pulling her over to his side. He tilted his handsome face and placed his lips near her ears, his breathe splashing onto her. “Don’t be a sore loser, you were the one who altered the stakes.”

Bo Jiu bit her lips, itching to cut the Gordian knot and finish him off swiftly.

However, Qin Mo was enjoying the process and had every intention to prolong the process. He arched his brows as he reminded her, “The zip on the pants.”

This time, regardless of how unbothered she was, she blushed, the heat spreading from her fingers up to her face.

Qin Mo watched the person in front of him. The youngster with her red-tinted face, the tiny hairs which could be seen on her clean and flawless face were all urging him to do more.

It wasn’t possible not to react.

In contrast to the aroused Qin Mo, Bo Jiu seemed more like the one forcing herself on him with her hands still leaning on his back, looking very much like a wealthy young master.

This was the scene Feng Yi had walked into when he entered with the back-up key, prepared to report the matters from Jiang City.

Feng Yi had seen many big scenes, but none of them had been as shocking as the scene in front of him!

This, what was with this situation!

He had never expected Little Spade to force himself on Young Master Qin! This… This was gossip he could talk about for an entire week! Young Master Qin actually allowed someone to be forceful to him? Based on the situation before, he had assumed that Young Master Qin would be the one taking the initiative, but now… Little Spade seemed like the fiercer one.

Bo Jiu detected someone’s entrance, she turned and was about to explain when she saw Feng Yi.

However, before she could say a word, a calm voice spoke, “Feng Yi, you are disrupting Little Spade’s plans.”

What did you mean by her plans?!

Bo Jiu lowered her lids. She looked down at her position and glanced back at the currently disheveled and half dressed Almighty, who was clearly being forced onto the chair.

This… was indeed a misunderstanding she couldn’t explain.

Indeed, Feng Yi swept her a glance, his thoughts clear. ‘Little Spade, I never expected you to be like this.’

Then he replied, “You guys continue.”

He took large strides out the room, his back emanating his desire to gossip with Lin Feng.

At that moment, Bo Jiu hadn’t a way out. The Almighty’s tactic really was brilliant.

“The obstruction is gone, you can continue.” Qin Mo pressed his hand back on the youngster’s back, his gaze deep. “If you aren’t going to remove it anytime soon, I promise you, you won’t like the consequences.”

Her palms bumped into a heated area, which sent a red flush through her. She pulled, getting through the arduous part and unzipping the pants.

For the first time, Qin Mo felt the ease of a zip. Next time, he would have to get a belt which was harder to undo.

As expected, watching the Almighty soaking in the hot spring was much more enjoyable than soaking in it herself.

How should she put it, it seemed as though she was at an advantage again.

Even though they were in the hot spring, Qin Mo’s natural aura was still fully intact.

The sky had darkened, so the floor lights installed around the hot spring were bright and glowing and for a moment, it seemed as though all the lights had entered his eyes.

He was just like a king with his arms stretched out casually and his dark black locks slightly damp, and his back leaning against the stone wall. The water was slightly below his chest. As the water swayed, it gave her a faint glimpses of his exquisite chest line. There wasn’t an inch of fat on his waist. His figure was truly surpassing all those famous models. Behind him was a strong wave of steam, surrounding him in a misty illusion.

It seemed as though this hotel was also part of the Almighty’s family’s business.

Bo Jiu sucked on her lollipop as she enjoyed the view. Just then, her phone rang.

It was from Lin Feng.

He had sent a whole row of exclamation marks, which clearly conveyed his agitation.

“I heard you went for Captain? Pressed him on the chair and was about to rip his clothes off?”

It was clear who he heard it from as it could only be from Manager Feng, who had just left.

Bo Jiu knew some things couldn’t be explained as it would only worsen, hence, she bit down on her lollipop and typed her reply. “Jealous? You can go after Almighty Yun.”

With that, Lin Feng was silenced.

Why would a straight guy like him do that? That Little Spade really thought he would fall for it.

However, he still had to remind him of certain matters.

“There’s a competition tomorrow, you should take note even if you wish to tackle Captain.” Lin Feng shook his head, Little Spade was still too young and filled with vigour.

That aside, he had never expected Captain not to control him.

Indeed, love was crazy.

Bo Jiu looked down at his reply, but didn’t type a message back. She glanced back up and was prepared to continue enjoying her view, when at that moment, the Almighty spoke, “Pass me a cigarette.”

It was normal for man to enjoy smoking, but when the Almighty smoked, it was exceptionally mesmerizing, probably because of his aura. His long slender fingers held the cigarette, leaning at the side and giving off a laziness.

After passing him a stick, she stood up, but it was too slow.

Qin Mo’s right hand gripped onto her wrist, pulling her violently into the hot spring.

With a splash, water flew in all directions and when it hit their faces, Bo Jiu felt Qin Mo’s lips, which were slightly cold and carried a minty tobacco smell.

When did the cigarette disappear?

They kissed in the water and as she gasped for air, his kiss was the only outlet available.

When they were finally above ground, Bo Jiu gasped for air again.

She was pressed against the stone wall and a wet kiss was landing on the back of her neck, followed by an entrance into her shirt along with a deep silky voice. “Don’t worry, I won’t remove your clothes.”

And indeed, her clothes stayed on, but would removing her clothes make any difference in this situation?

Her wet clothes were plastered to her skin, exposing the curves and lines on her body.

If there had been a mirror, Bo Jiu’s face would definitely be more flushed.

The kiss continued and even the incoming wind wasn’t able to dampen the rising heat.

As they were located beside a mountain, this sort of luxurious hotel carried the sound of the night.

The crickets were chirping and it suddenly dawned on her that it was open air.

When she felt a hand around her waist, Bo Jiu stretched her neck, completely aware of how alluring it was.

Her wet silvery hair curled around her ears gently, showing her black ear stud. Her shirt was rolled upwards to a perfect location, which made her look like a black swan with injured wings, seductive and mesmerizing.

Qin Mo’s eyes dimmed, a darkness swirling within its depth. The silkiness beneath his palms was so addictive that he couldn’t move away. He felt an urge to pull her back and press her against the wall, her lips slipping down her back.

Bo Jiu shuddered as she cried out. The temperature continued to rise to an unexplainable intimacy.

The Almighty had always been a man of words.

He hadn’t removed her clothes, but the wet piece of fabric was hardly a defence, akin to a tight piece of tissue.

The numbing sensation brought by the force and impact hadn’t been lessened even a little.

Instead, because of the protection, he moved with an increased aggression.

The warm water entered with each thrust while her heart was racing so fast that it seemed to have lost its rhythm.

Much less to say the temperature.

Qin Mo was definitely the victor as he focused on his thrusts which sent her into ecstasy.

Bo Jiu was defenceless.

In the end, he carried her onto his thighs, massaging until she was soft and limp, as though she had merged with the water and was left with the comfort she felt.

Her mind was blank and a certain area was numb, wanting him to be gentle.

With her clothes on, Qin Mo didn’t have to worry about harming her as he continued over and over, releasing his inner demons and planting repeated kisses over her eyes. In the end, he could no longer resist her temptation, pulling her out of the water into his embrace for a violent push. He wanted to enter, so much his eyes were red and sore, but he knew her body wouldn’t be able to tolerate his love.

The reason he had pulled her down was because of the pain he felt from wanting her.

She didn’t know that when her hands reached his belt, he had already thought about pushing her onto the wooden chair for a round.

Qin Mo himself had never expected turning into the sort of person he despised, controlled by human desire.

Someone as disinterested as him would actually feel passionate about something.

As long as there was a first, there would definitely be a second.

It was like he was possessed.

Qin Mo had always taken pride in his ability to control his physical and mental state not only because of his hatred towards such things, but also because of such matters.

Young Master Qin was always able to steer clear of women or youngsters despite experiencing all sorts of situations.

The person in front of him was a first.

He had never thought there would be a day when he could lose control because of a body.

It was suppressed within him, sending his breaths and heart rate racing.

When he saw the glazed look in her eyes and the redness which spread through her, the desire thickened.

His blood was pulsating and he was at the mercy to the intimacy before him.

He was hooked…

But she was oblivious, constantly flaming the fire within him and sending his desires off the chart.

Inside his dark gaze, there were many secrets that hadn’t been resolved.

For instance, why did she want to leave?

Qin Mo thrust hard again, biting on her ear…