Chapter 896 - Who Is the One Being Suppressed?

Chapter 896: Who Is the One Being Suppressed?

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They were thoroughly soaked.

Bo Jiu could distinctly feel the droplet which trailed down the Almighty’s dark strands on to her collar bone. The high temperature made it seem as though she was burnt.

She could still hear the heavy breathing and because he was suppressing himself, it seemed all the more alluring.

In the end, he still let her off.

Qin Mo held her in his embrace, carrying her into the bathroom.

He turned on the shower and the icy cold water splashing onto her head.

Bo Jiu was shocked back to her senses when the droplets splashed onto her. Her silver hair was in a mess. She sneezed, her eyes fixed on Qin Mo and gradually, her lips lifted into a sudden smile which was both sly and mischievous.

The Almighty was hardly ever in such a disheveled state.

Qin Mo arched a brow, pressing her back into his arms. “Are you itching for a punishment?”

“No, Brother Mo, it’s cold. I’ll share the shower with you, alright?” Bo Jiu replied, but the glee in her eyes was apparent.

Once again, Qin Mo was starting to doubt his own taste. He couldn’t seem to understand what he adored about her other than her appearance. Even then, he still found the youngster, who was laughing stealthily, adorable and couldn’t help his desire to bully her.

And that was what he did. “That doesn’t sound bad, we can share the shower together and don’t worry, I’ll heat you up so you won’t catch a cold.”

Qin Mo had always been a man of his word. Therefore, his left hand went straight to her back. Bo Jiu felt a shiver running through her while the desire to escape was rising.

In the end, they seemed to have stayed in the bathroom for a long while.

Bo Jiu was teased into obedience. Her handsome face was burning and she shook her flushed ears. She cursed, that single word holding a whole world of meaning.

Since her clothes were soaked, she wrapped herself with a large towel.

She glanced at the Almighty. Since he had removed his clothes previously, he could still wear them. He stood upright in his battle gear, looking elegant and aristocratic.

Most importantly, he seemed more energized.

Who exactly was the one being suppressed?

When the Almighty told her it was time for their meal downstairs, Bo Jiu started to feel depressed.

However, when he informed her of the thirty extra lobsters he got her, her mood brightened instantly.

Since the Almighty, her little wife, had already taken the initiative to coax her, she, the tyrannic CEO, decided not to make things difficult for him.

After downing the lobsters, she gulped a mouthful of Budweisers, a necessity during a gathering before the competition.

The entire Supreme Alliance was present at the meal and all of them were sweeping casual glances at the silver haired youngster.

In the end, Lin Feng took the lead and raised his glass while turning to the youngster. “I admire you!”

He had managed to survive after forcing himself on Captain, it was indeed a miracle!

Bo Jiu bit down on her lobster, meeting his glass with hers single handedly before glancing in Yun Hu’s direction. “You can do it, too.”

When the meaning finally hit him, he felt an explosive need to curse.

This was probably the relationship between guys.

It could never be without beer, cigarettes, and curses.

This was just like the typical northern man ━ gratitude was expressed through punches and shoulder slams.

At this moment, Bo Jiu didn’t forget about the dazed Xue Yaoyao. “What is it?”

Xue Yaoyao came back to her senses, her eyes bright. “It’s nothing, I just found everything to be great.”

Bo Jiu smiled, removing the beer from her hand. “Girls shouldn’t drink so much.”

Xue Yaoyao had questions, but she didn’t know if she was being too sensitive.

She could feel that something was different with Her Highness Jiu.

How should she put it? It seemed as though something was ending; as though she was preparing for the end…