Chapter 898 - Crucial Turning Point

Chapter 898: Crucial Turning Point

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If the Three Thousand Knife Cutting couldn’t be unleashed, Supreme Alliance might not be able to advance.

The problem was that the Three Thousand Knife Cutting could only be unleashed if the operator had extreme speed and precise movements.

In order to kill and become invisible, the wrist would have to be agile and flexible, allowing the user to move the mouse rapidly, maneuver the up and down keys on the keyboard, decide where to place the left hand, and coordinate with the right hand. All these would pose a certain degree of stress and pressure on the wrist.

Hence, Feng Yi wanted to know how Young Master Qin felt.

As a business man and the managing director of the entertainment department, he wanted Supreme Alliance to win.

Despite his desire to win, he still saw their health as a higher priority. It didn’t matter whether or not he was Young Master Qin.

Qin Mo had already predicted what was coming.

“Don’t tell anyone else about my hand injury,” he spoke faintly. “It won’t affect the match tomorrow.”

Feng Yi didn’t reply immediately. After about a second, he lit a cigarette. “For Little Spade’s coordination with you tomorrow…”

“Feng Yi, you are mistaken,” Qin Mo interrupted. “From now on, Spade is the main player and I’m the aid.”

Feng Yi stilled, his gaze faltering from the shock.

When Spade Z had first appeared, he was glad to have finally found someone who could match up to Young Master Qin.

And if that youngster joined them, Young Master Qin’s Three Thousand Knife Cutting would definitely reach the peak from back then.

But Feng Yi would have never expected Young Master Qin to play the aid while Little Spade played the leading role.

Was he giving him his leading role?

How much did he trust him for him to have made such a decision?

“Little Spade will be delighted to see the trust you have in him.” Feng Yi couldn’t help bursting into laughter as a thought stuck him. “Little Spade has never been humble.”

“That’s why you don’t have to tell him.” Qin Mo stuffed a hand into his pocket as he looked out the window into the dark night. “You’ll see how much he has grown in the match tomorrow.”

Feng Yi knew what he meant.

If he couldn’t even take down Rao Rong, Supreme Alliance wouldn’t stand a chance against the Xiangnan team.

Gradually, the dark sky continued to dim.

When it was deep into the night, the sky towards the north was stained a deep red.

For the semi-finals for the National League, the media arrived earlier than the competitors the next day.

All the computer used for esports had been suspended so that all the resources could be placed onto this livestream.

When Hero had become a national game, esports had started to advance continuously.

Although it had been misunderstood in the beginning, it had become an official career.

Passion sprouted from youth; those who had played understood this.

Sometimes we couldn’t give up on the game, not because of the game itself but because of the people we came across while gaming.

The world they looked forward to had touched their hearts and had accompanied them as they had vented their frustration and inner desires.

In the biggest mall located in the heart of H city was a large screen of 20 feet which was showing Hero.

Everyone lifted their heads to watch. Even though some had never played it before, they would still discuss the game.

The crowd chattered on, talking about how 2017 was the start of the esports craze.

Thousands came to the arena.

The lights were bright and the screen rolled down slowly.

Every single one was showing the exciting snippets of the game.

Even the commentator was someone of high celebrity status.

The main director held onto the microphone, pushing it to his lips. “Everyone prepare the cameras and start!”

Even though it was a livestream, there was still a director controlling the broadcast.

The moment the director shouted, “Start,” all the lights went on, lighting up a woman dressed in a white lace dress. The woman was known as the most beautiful emcee in the esports industry.

“All you hunks and beauties, we meet again, today in the annual National League. It has been a year and I haven’t given up on Hero, what about you guys?” She started off with her bright and clear voice, and immediately, the atmosphere was heightened.

The female host chuckled. “I heard that the competition this year will be much more exciting than before and because of many reasons. One of them being the Number One Rookie, the FC King of Zone C!”

She was introducing them according to the line up.

It was different for every match.

After her introduction, different clips of the youngster flashed onto the large screen ━ there was one of him gaming with his fingers flying across the screens and a grin on his face; snippets from the variety program; images of him in his battle gear; and one with his clothes flying from behind and his gaze fixed on the camera as he introduced himself arrogantly in four short words. “I am Spade Z.”

The moment Bo Jiu appeared, all the other screens were filled with videos of him fighting off the enemies in Hero, from the first appearance of the ID to when he had entered the National League.

Spade Z had always moved without a trace, the number of first kills increasing with each battle, before merging into the word KO .

It was a scene filled with emotions. Some of the fans couldn’t help covering their mouths as their hearts pulsated with the familiar background music.

Even though the videos weren’t long, they managed to drag them through memory lane.

The first time they had heard of Spade Z, he had only been the FC King of a zone ━ and today, he stood on the arena of the National League, his eyes bright and his body upright.

He had transformed into a star who held the attention of millions.

Those who were most affected were the Spade fans who had stood by the youngster from the very beginning.

They were finally at this moment.

In just a month, they had been through a lot.

The time when the youngster had been splashed with coke was still fresh in their minds.

After the loss, he had stood in front of the computer and hung his head for the very first time ━ a sight they couldn’t shake away.

It hadn’t been easy, all of it ending with the final image.

The youngster with his ruffled silvery hair as he walked out of the tunnel, his dashing and cheeky smile, just like he had been from the start.

That was how all of them entered.

Even Xue Yaoyao entered in such a manner.

From their most ordinary times to their extraordinary today.

The Xue Yaoyao of today could finally face those stares with a determined gaze ━ because of the uniform she wore.

After all the team members had gathered, they stood in a row, looking dashing and formidable, like a rule that had returned.

Likewise, the opponents weren’t too shabby.

Because of how well-matched they were, the match was greatly anticipated!

However, there were still places the cameras couldn’t capture, for instance the resting area before the match had begun.

It wasn’t clear whether or not it was deliberate, but when Li Nuo turned to pick something, he bumped into Rao Rong’s shoulder.

A slight mockery appeared in his gaze. “Captain, you aren’t young anymore, pay attention when we’re standing in position the next time, don’t be so fixated on showing your face.”

Rao Rong didn’t reply, his gaze deepening.

Li Nuo hated that gaze, he was just a pathetic being that had once been chased away, but he was still acting like someone important.

“I’m thirsty, too, get me a bottle of water. You don’t have to monitor the 1v1, I know what to do.”

Li Nuo had gone overboard and even the club manager seemed to be in a difficult position.

He got his captain to buy him a drink, this… But in order to receive the next investment, he didn’t have a choice. “Rao Rong, go get it, I’ll be here to take care of anything.”

Rao Rong lifted his lids, looking straight at the manager.

That gaze made him feel uneasy, especially when he understood everything.

But what choice did he have?

In the end, money was still their priority.

The manager pretended to cough. “This is the National League, Rao Rong, don’t be wilful.”

After he had spoken, he didn’t notice how Rao Rong tightened and loosened his hand.

In the end, it seemed as though he had given up because his eyes went bleak.

“Cool.” That was Rao Rong’s voice, but it was a tone which Lin Chentao had never heard before: hoarse and slightly damp.

The Rao Rong he knew was an Almighty who moved his mouse with vigour.

But right now, he was forced to such a state.

With a thud, the mineral water was smashed into the ground.

Lin Chentao bolted from his seat, grabbing onto Li Nuo’s collar. “Don’t you have hands? You don’t even know how to take your own water, Young Master Lin?!”

The commotion garnered the attention from all directions and even the media seemed to have noticed it.

The club manager had to calm them down. He lowered his voice. “Chentao, it’s a competition, what are you doing?”

“What am I doing?” Lin Chentao scoffed. “What do you think you are doing?”

When he didn’t listen, the manager narrowed his eyes. “You are making things difficult for the company. Do you still want to compete?”

Lin Chentao knew it was a threat. He clenched his fists and pressed them down. Rao Rong came forward and held his wrists.

He understood what his captain meant, but such tolerance was at the expense of dignity and wasn’t worth it.

Wasn’t the purpose of esports to win?

With benefits added to the equation, was that still considered esports?

Lin Chentao released his hand.

Just when the manager and Li Nuo were about to be smug, Lin Chentao spoke up again. “I’m not competing, I quit. Without Captain’s instructions, this match isn’t worth it.”

“I’m quitting too.” Another top-tiered player stood up, his expression neutral. “I only joined this club because of Captain Rao.”

“I’m quitting too.”

The third, fourth, fifth…

Besides Li Nuo, everyone else had bright eyes.

The manager was startled.

Did they have any idea where they were?

They were at the semi-finals of the National League and countless eyes were staring at them!

Besides, they had invested so much and it didn’t just concern this battle!

If they quit, the club would have to bear the consequences.

If all the team members were going to quit during the semi-finals, their business would be affected.

The club manager had never expected Lin Chentao to have such courage!

It wasn’t just Lin Chentao, but also the other team members, who usually kept their comments to themselves.

What exactly were they thinking?

The manager would never know. But Rome wasn’t built in a day and they weren’t a young team.

They had lived through tougher periods and managed to endure until today.

When these people tried to destroy the most important thing in their hearts, they had repeatedly told themselves to give in because of the competition and because they were too concerned with their current position.

If Lin Chentao hadn’t started it, they wouldn’t have stood up.

They weren’t cold-blooded so they wished for a fair competition.

It didn’t matter much when only one person stood up, but when a group came together, miracles could blossom.

In this world, it wasn’t possible for those who had harmed others to stay at the top.

This was esports, the place they loved even if this place was no longer clean.

Just as Lin Chentao had said, this match wasn’t worth it.

All of them stood behind Rao Rong.

These actions were caught by Supreme Alliance.

Bo Jiu arched a brow.

Feng Shang didn’t understand the situation and asked, “I-Idol, wh-what are th-they doing?”

“Nothing much.” Bo Jiu stood up and pat his head. “We are going to compete with a team that is worth going all out against.”

Feng Shang was still confused, but that didn’t affect the agitation he felt from the rare pat he had gotten from his idol. What if he was blushing?

Coco gnawed his rabbit’s ear and couldn’t help rolling his eyes. He had never seen someone who loved blushing that much.

It was nothing like how Manager Feng’s brother should be.

Rao Rong’s team underwent a change and it wasn’t just those who had stood up.

Rao Rong was included in the change.

A heart which had died, had somehow started beating again.

It was probably because of each and everyone behind him, or perhaps it was because he was remembering the days they had fought together side by side.

Or perhaps it was because of his father’s last words to fight a passionate battle.

Rao Rong glanced up, the phone in his pocket vibrated.

It was obvious who it was from.

He didn’t pick up the call, allowing the ringing to go on until it ceased.

The club manager gave in. He didn’t have a choice after all, he had to coax them into competing.

“Alright, alright, whatever makes you Young Masters happy. I was wrong, okay? This is a competition, it isn’t child’s play. You can’t just quit so casually, right?”

Sensing that it was a tricky situation, the manager tried to calm them down.

Rao Rong glanced over, speaking for the first time since they had entered. “Manager, you actually know this isn’t child’s play? Chentao, go over to the panel and tell them we are changing the contestant for the 1v1.”

With that, Lin Chentao’s eyes lit up!

Li Nuo was outraged. “F*ck you, Rao Rong, do you know the consequence for switching me out?”

“Regardless of the consequence.” Rao Rong looked him in the eye. “With your skills, you would never have won.”

Li Nuo clenched his teeth. “You!”

The manager bolted upright. “Rao Rong, you don’t have the rights to do that.”

“I am the team captain, of course I have the rights.” With that, he put an end to the manager’s fury.

The council had acceded the request and let it through.

Finally, the battle arrangement flashed across the screen.

It was a nerve-wrecking atmosphere.

Qin Mo stood up, glancing at Yin Wuyao, his gaze deep. “This is their true strength, go on.”