Chapter 899 - Jiu and Almighty Qin in a Double Match

Chapter 899: Jiu and Almighty Qin in a Double Match

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The real competition had begun , was the thought in everyone’s mind.

Yin Wuyao still had a cigarette dangling from his lips. Dressed in fully black battle gear, he walked towards the 1v1 seat, acting as replacement for Yun Hu.

The familiar music started blasting from the speakers and both contestants wore their headset.

It was going to be a tough match.

The closer the contestants were in terms of their skills, the longer the duration of the match would be.

After all these times, there were no longer anybody who thought of Yin Wuyao as too old or ill-suited for this sport.

The shoutcasters’ introductions were no longer as ostentatious as when they had first entered.

At this point, everyone had to admit that Supreme Alliance wasn’t weak, but that didn’t mean it would be an easy victory because their opponent wasn’t weak either.

The first kill was taken by Lin Chentao’s team, but very quickly, Yin Wuyao managed to balance the score.

Every time the two characters exchanged blows, the audience couldn’t help holding their breaths.

This was a match with only one victor and both contestants were considered old in the world of esports.

However, they weren’t any weaker than the others.

“If a rookie had been playing this match, it would have been an easy kill.” Lin Feng loved boasting. “Now, we’ll have to see who has a higher killing intent.”

Both shoutcasters agreed with him.

“This is the benefit of older players, they hold a world of experience and are well versed with the maps.”

“But the downside is that they overthink and after one death, both do not easily give out the second drop of HP, hence, both Yin Wuyao and the opponent started to hold back.”

“It seems like the player who manages to break through this reserve will emerge victorious.”

“That’s right.”

“In general, 1v1s aren’t easy and no one is able to go all out since any mishaps would affect the subsequent matches.”

“That’s right, back then when I was still competing, I hated being the one fighting the 1v1. You can’t use force blindly, you have to…”

“Here it comes!” the other shoutcaster interrupted.

They glanced over and everyone’s attention fixed on the screen.

The shoutcaster’s eyes lit up. “A middle lane hunt? Yin Wuyao is going to wage a battle on the middle lane?!”

The next second, both characters collided, the beautiful maneuvering giving off a smooth exterior which was mesmerising!

This was the sort of sparks which could only appear when masters exchanged blows.

It was a mistake to think that Hero was about fighting it out.

The two figures came together, their skills exploding. Amidst the chase, they managed to swiftly avoid each other’s attack before returning with a counter attack. There wasn’t a second of hesitation, not even during their sword battle. Every time the crowd assumed one of them was at their last straw, he would dodge smoothly to avoid the blow before going for a counter attack.

Both of them were severely wounded, hence they had their concerns and were afraid they would be finished off in a counter attack since neither was willing to lose a second life

The match would be over when three lives were lost and both of them were bent on winning.

At this moment, both of them leapt backwards, heading to replenish HP at the city.

The experienced shoutcaster remarked, “If this stalemate isn’t going to be broken, the match will go on for a long while until one of them is tired out.”

Indeed, the audience had never witnessed a match like this; it went on for far too long.

Ten minutes after another. The 1v1 went on for at least an hour, but there still wasn’t any change.

After another 30 minutes, both Yin Wuyao and his opponent had held their mouse longer than they should.

It couldn’t go on forever.

The club manager was already displeased with the sudden change of players and now, his mood worsened with the stalemate. He reached forward and used the only communication chance for the competition.

As a supervisory trainer, he had the rights. However, this was the worst moment to disrupt the player.

But the manager didn’t care, he was obsessed with the team’s victory, hence, he ignored Rao Rong’s threatening gaze and held the communication device, shouting towards the player who was in the midst of a battle. “Watch it, don’t get killed anymore and if you can’t win this match, you can leave with your captain Rao!”

When Rao Rong had snatched it over, the call had already ended.

The player clenched the mouse, his gaze lowered.

It was obvious that he was affected by the call since his character started to play differently.

At this moment, Supreme Alliance used the call as well.

This time, however, the advice wasn’t from Qin Mo but Bo Jiu.

As the Vice-captain of Supreme Alliance, the youngster, with his head full of messy silver hair and a faint curve of his lips, only had one sentence for him. “Uncle, don’t overthink it, in esports construction can’t be without destruction.”

With that, Yin Wuyao stilled, turning back abruptly to look at the youngster.

When their eyes met, the youngster continued. “Is it still gaming if you don’t shock the world?”

He came back because of that fearlessness.

He surged forward, not for glory or for the win, but to play a passionate game.

Even if he lost, or even if no one remembered his name, he couldn’t fall back because of the fear of losing!

Yin Wuyao broke into a smile. Previously, he had removed his cigarette in fear it would affect his performance. But now, he placed the cigarette back onto his lips and maneuvered his mouse, going straight for the kill.

That stance was Yin Wuyao in his most carefree state.

From that day, he was aware of the reasons he was back because of the youngster’s charisma.

He had never been complacent or conservative and despite his young age, he held an imposing aura, which had been present until this day.

He was still the Little Captain he knew from back then, fearless and dashing.

There wasn’t any construction without destruction. Little Captain was right!

Yin Wuyao’s fingers flew across the keyboard.

The shoutcaster was caught off guard when he saw Yin Wuyao gliding through the grass to meet his opponent. By the looks of his previous tempo, it was too early for them to fight it off.

But it wasn’t just meeting, this time, it was official and whoever had better skills, the stronger attack, or moved at a faster speed would affect the outcome of the match.

It was another match between masters. Once both of them were on the verge of death and had to return to their cities for healing, everyone was calculating the speed they would reach the city. But at this moment, Yin Wuyao turned. He didn’t head back, instead, he went straight for the opponent.

He was clearly seeking death!

But was he really seeking death?

This was the joy of Hero.

The outcome wasn’t as expected.

It wasn’t just the hand speed, players would also need to effectively utilize the geographical area when all the other factors were in place.

A kill from a severely injured was exhilarating!

Everyone stared at the screen with wide eyes, Yin Wuyao glided over from the back, hiding in the bushes. After avoiding the opponent’s attack skilfully, he went for another blow!


All of a sudden, the audience erupted and slapped the support rods energetically.

The second life! Just one more kill and the victory would belong to Supreme Alliance!

No one could fathom the sudden change in Yin Wuyao’s playing style.

But because of this silky smooth vigour, the opponent’s last defence tower fell very quickly.

Yin Wuyao took down their city and the game ended!

Supreme Alliance won!

The cheering increased.

Even the shoutcaster hadn’t expected the change.

When they snapped back to their senses, their first reaction was to show a playback.

“Congratulations, Supreme Alliance.” The shoutcaster applauded, his voice thick with disbelief.

Lin Chentao couldn’t understand the change in Yin Wuyao’s tactic, it was more carefree as though he wasn’t afraid of losing.

“How did that happen?”

It was a lie if they weren’t disappointed, but Rao Rong was well aware of the situation. As he couldn’t let the results affect the subsequent matches, his voice was calm. “The live call from just now.”

“The call?” Lin Chentao glanced over at Supreme Alliance, his eyes widening with shock. “Captain, you mean that Yin Wuyao’s change was because of what Spade Z had told him?”

Rao Rong didn’t reply, returning to his usual demeanour.

Lin Chentao grabbed a wad of hair. “Shucks, what exactly did he tell Yin Wuyao to have caused such an aggressive change?”

Actually, Bo Jiu hadn’t said much. All she said was that there was no construction with no destruction.

It was the best advice for the Yin Wuyao at that stage because he had the courage to go all out due to these words.

Because he knew, even if he lost, his teammates would win it back for him.

For the 2v2, the two who were competing had the ability to hold their ground and provide them with support.

In contrast, Lin Chentao’s team wasn’t feeling the same way.

Li Nuo held onto this opportunity, his eyes thick with despise. “Weren’t you gloating a while ago? Didn’t you say I wasn’t suited for the 1v1? Look how that ended! Didn’t you end up losing? Just wait, I’ll definitely tell my father about how I was pressured!”

“Whatever.” Lin Chentao no longer wished to speak to him, his face was cold. “After today, I will no longer be part of the club and that includes the others as well, so you better watch your behavior. We don’t have time for you.”

Lin Chentao’s entire brain was filled with the question of how strong that youngster was.

All they knew was that Spade Z could play the assassin character well and would often take the first kill.

But what they were clueless about, were the other factors, for instance how he could enlighten Yin Wuyao with just one call.

It was indescribable.

He walked over to pat the teammate who had just lost.

His head had been hung low ever since the match had ended.

His fringe fell across his forehead and his fingers twitched. His expression was concealed. “After playing as a professional for such a long time, some things seem ingrained into my bones, for instance the fear of losing. Because of that fear, I didn’t dare to go all out. I lost because I was lacking.”

Rao Rong sat beside him. “You played well, even though you lost.”

A shock went through his back. Undeniably, it was indeed a spectacular match.

The duration of this match was much longer than any other before.

If they weren’t so well matched, the figures wouldn’t be as such.

The audience broke into a roaring applause, it wasn’t just for Yin Wuyao but also his opponent.

Regardless of the team’s atmosphere, the competition had to continue.

The shoutcaster started to claw back the audience’s attention. “A spectacular 1v1 indeed and now, let’s take a look at the participants for the 2v2!”

Even though the order had been made, the exact arrangement would only be made before the match itself. Even the shoutcaster had to depend on the names which flashed onto the large screens.

“Alright, let’s take a look at the participants, Lin Chentao and Rao Rong!”

The shout caster opened his eyes wide because even he hadn’t expected them to be participating in the 2v2 together!

“Somethings up!”

“Wow, am I seeing things?! Almighty Lin and Almighty Rao are actually fighting together in a doubles pairing!”

“Who do you think is coming out from Supreme Alliance?”

“It should be the Feng Yun pairing, right? Since they have great teamwork. Even though Xue Yaoyao and Feng Shang play well together, they wouldn’t stand a chance against Almighty Rao.”

“I agree, it should be the Feng Yun pairing since they are the only four who have experience in a double match and since the latter are both still rookies, it wouldn’t be suitable.”

Because of the untimely appearance of the two names, the beautiful female host was startled. She pressed onto the left screen button. “After that revelation, I’m sure everyone must be concerned over the same matter: Who are the two participants from Supreme Alliance? Let us take a look at the screen!”

The next moment, two names appeared on the large screen!

Spade Z, Qin Mo.

Four short words which were written in regular script, looking formidable and imposing!

In an instant, screams came from all directions, the enthusiasm blowing the roofs off.

“Spade Z and Qin? Am I seeing things? They are actually fighting doubles?”

“Almighty Qin and Big Spade have never played doubles before, it has always either been a 1v1 or a team battle. Gosh! Why am I suddenly so expectant?!”

“It feels like it’s going to be a match to flaunt their love, I’m starting to pity Almighty Lin…”

“F*ck, the first time! My Almighty Qin is going to play doubles for the first time! Wasn’t it his principle to never ever play doubles?!”

Someone yearned to tell that girl that Almighty Qin had many principles, but after he had met Big Spade, it had no longer been that absolute.

It made Almighty Qin seem more alive.


What did that mean?

He was going to trust Spade Z to keep his back safe…