Chapter 90 - Wanting To Coach Lord Jiu On Playing Games?

Chapter 90: Wanting To Coach Lord Jiu On Playing Games?

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As Fu Jiu watched the swiftly increasing number of views on the live streaming platform, her thin lips curled into a smile under her silver hair. “It would be so much better if Brother Mo could come…”

When Qin Mo heard that slightly deep voice on the other end, he knew something was up. He tilted his head and lit a cigarette. He struck the keyboard, logged into the game, and entered the code that the young man had given him. It automatically brought him straight to a live streaming platform.

There were three young men on the screen, all wearing new team members’ uniforms. They were conducting an online interview.

“We heard that the three of you just switched companies. Can you share with us your benefits this time? Fans all care about the welfare issues that you guys talked about last time on Weibo 1 .”

Liang Xuguang was the most handsome one among them; therefore, he was the one speaking. He wore headphones and sat in front of the computer. When the camera turned to him, he smiled and said, “The new company is tens of times better than that deceptive company. Our fans can stop worrying about us now. We will perform better in games later on for everyone.”

“I heard rumors about that company as well; they are indeed not so good.” In order to get more exposure, the host didn’t give up the topic.

Liang Xuguang said yes and shrugged. “You can’t really do anything about it. The owner is from the countryside, so she’s incessantly loud and shouts all the time. Perhaps the people on the team couldn’t take it anymore, so they decided to leave.”

“A company can’t live long with a disrespectful boss.” The host shut her script and laughed. “But you guys are gonna take off and fly above the rest since you met such a great talent scout.”

Liang Xuguang laughed too. “I agree.”

“Okay, as the fans are waiting anxiously, let’s begin without further ado.” The host lifted the mood. “My colleagues were saying that the three of you are all high-ranking masters who have a lot of fans. The old company didn’t know how to promote you guys, so your careers didn’t take off. Now you can finally blow our minds away! It’s time for the godly contestants to log in. Fans, you can ask questions on the live streaming platform. Don’t forget to send gifts…”

As soon as the host finished speaking, the entire platform was flooded with text by someone.

It was Fu Jiu. She was wearing a pair of headphones, and her silver hair was shining. “Since you are gods, are you brave enough to entertain a live battle?”

How did such a message pop up?

This was not in the script!

The host frowned and looked towards the director’s direction subconsciously.

The director indicated for her to continue with a hand gesture.

What was even stranger was that they were not sure if the internet had gone kaput or not.

Their platform was being controlled by someone. The other fans couldn’t say anything at this time.

Therefore, that letter of challenge forcibly occupied the whole screen like a cold night in the mountains.

Nowadays, everyone knew the meaning of online live streaming.

Rejecting the challenge now would equal ruining their entire reputation before they even started.

They looked at that game ID. It was that of a newbie.

A brainless newbie, who didn’t know the heights of the sky and the immensity of the earth. Since he asked for a punch on the face, they would grant his wish.

Liang Xuguang tilted his head and opened up quite arrogantly, “Our dear fan, you appear like an amateur player who doesn’t really know the difference between professional players and amateur players. But it’s okay. Since you are bringing this up during the live streaming, we will feed your curiosity and coach you a little on playing games. Who do you want to battle with?”